13 Weak Anime Characters Who Actually Have Incredible Power

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Just because an anime character is strong in one area doesn't mean that they're not weak in others. In fact, some characters who have amazing powers are majorly weak in other ways. One popular example is Zenitsu from Demon Slayer, whose cowardly personality belies the strength he can unleash after passing out from fear. There's also Eri from My Hero Acaedemia, a little girl with a powerful quirk she can't control.

Weak anime characters with incredible power are often some of the most interesting characters out there, because there's more to them than just the unbridled ability to kick butt. The seemingly contradictory parts of their personalities can sometimes be the most compelling things about them. Which ones are your favorites?

  • Zenitsu Agatsuma Is A Coward With Power In 'Demon Slayer'
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    No one ever said slaying demons was easy, but most of the other characters in Demon Slayer don't make it seem nearly as terrifying as Zenitsu Agatsuma does. This guy shakes with fear at the slightest noise, begs other people to protect him, and generally acts like the physical manifestation of raw terror. Just about the only time he isn't totally freaking out is when he's lusting after the ladies - or when he's literally unconscious. 

    That's right - after fainting from fear, Zenitsu is able to use Breath of Thunder Style, which involves swordplay at incredible speeds. When he comes to, he doesn't always realize that he has been fighting, and assumes that someone else did the deed.

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  • Eri is a little girl with a very powerful quirk that she doesn't yet know how to control. She can "rewind" people, which means that she can reverse injuries, turn someone into a baby, or even potentially revert them to an earlier step in human evolution. It has the potential for both serious harm and serious benefit, which is why Kai Chisaki is so interested in using her for his hideous experiments. Aside from a wild ability that she can't control and has caused her no shortage of suffering, Eri is just an ordinary child.

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    Alluka Zoldyck Is Possessed By A Powerful Spirit In 'Hunter X Hunter'

    Alluka Zoldyck Is Possessed By A Powerful Spirit In 'Hunter X Hunter'
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    Despite being the youngest member of the mercinary Zoldyck clan, young Alluka isn't particularly into the whole fighting thing. However, that doesn't mean she's not powerful - in fact she may be one of the most powerful members of the whole family.

    Alluka is possessed by a Dark Continent creature named Nanika, which imbues her with a complicated wish granting ability. After Alluka makes three requests from a person, they're granted a wish. However, the bigger the wish is, the harder to fulfil Alluka's next set of requests will be. If her requests are denied four times, someone will lose their life. 

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  • By all appearances, Mob is a tiny little middle school student who is so out of shape that he can barely run one lap without getting out of breath and is terrified of being in the same room as his crush Tsubomi. One wouldn't expect him to be a powerful psychic, which leads a lot of people to underestimate him.

    Though he's still learning to control his telekinesis, he's capable of taking out adults with years of practice. That doesn't stop his mentor Reigen and his younger brother Ritsu from feeling the need to protect him, however. In the universe of Mob Psycho 100, what matters isn't raw strength, it's emotional development and heart. 

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    Atsushi Nakajima Doesn't Fully Understand His Powers In 'Bungo Stray Dogs'

    When viewers first meet Atsushi Nakajima, he's a homeless orphan with seemingly no abilities whatsoever. However, there's more to this hapless boy than meets the eye - which is why the Armed Detective Agency is eager to help him out with a job despite his apparent lack of skills.

    He soon realizes that the menacing tiger who has been wreaking havoc on his life at every turn is actually him - he's been transforming without realizing it. This transformation, which gives him super strength and agility, is difficult to control and doesn't help him much at all when he's in human mode, but eventually he does sort of get the hang of it. 

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    Natsuki Subaru's Powers Have A Serious Down Side In 'Re:Zero'

    Natsuki Subaru's Powers Have A Serious Down Side In 'Re:Zero'
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    Life as an isekai protagonist isn't always easy, especially when you don't get enhanced physical or emotional strength to compensate for your newfound powers. At heart, Natsuki Subaru is still a hikkikomori who would rather be at home playing video games than doing any of the things he's forced to do in his new magical world. To use his greatest power, which is called Shinimodori, he has to literally pass away first, after which he'll be returned to a "save point." The poor guy has to repeatedly endure his own demise and all of the pain and trauma that comes with it. Is functional immortality even worth it when it comes with that much suffering?

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