The Weakest Anime Characters of All Time

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Character can be physically weak, or just weak in spirit.

For every amazingly mighty anime character, there is someone else standing in their shadow. In honor of all the wimps out there, we put together a list of the weakest anime characters of all time, and we're letting you rank it. These are the characters that need to be rescued from time to time, the ones who we all love but will never be the hero. Which weak anime character do you consider to be the most useless? Vote up your choices below, and downvote anyone who you think actually isn't that weak.

With all that being said, let's cut these characters some slack. Weakness is relative, especially depending on the company you surround yourself with. Take Chiaotzu from DBZ, for example. In his own right he is extremely strong, but put him next to Goku, Gohan, or honestly any of the other Z fighters and Chiaotzu becomes a complete joke (it was kind of cute when he self-destructed and failed to kill Nappa though). Technically, regular humans would be the weakest characters in action anime but there are some strong characters in teams who are noticeably better than average humans but are considered the weakest compared to their comrades to the point that they are made fun of or are considered jokes.)
Most divisive: Sakura Haruno
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