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The 15 Weakest Anime Villains You Could Probably Beat  

Anna Lindwasser
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Some anime villains are stone-cold baddies with incredible powers that seem impossible for anyone - even the high-powered heroes who oppose them - to defeat. Others... not so much. Actually, there are some seriously pathetic anime villains out there - some so much so that even a regular untrained person could probably handle them without too much difficulty.

Some of the weakest anime villains are actually kind of endearing, like Team Rocket from Pokemon. The reason they're terrible at their Pokemon stealing gig is partially due to the fact that they don't want to really hurt anybody too badly, so their methods are always on the tame side. Meanwhile, there are also weak anime villains who are arrogant cowards and resort to underhanded means to cover their weakness - Nobuyuki Sugou of Sword Art Online is a well-known example. 

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Team Rocket Is Doing Their Best In 'Pokemon'
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Loveable though they might be, Team Rocket - specifically, Jesse, James, and Meowth - aren't exactly what most people would call competent. They've been trying to steal the same Pikachu from the same small child since the beginning of the show, and they've been thwarted at every turn, usually via electrocution or being hurled into the air. How they manage not to get fired from their parent's organization is anyone's guess. 

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Gato Messed With The Wrong Mercenary In 'Naruto'
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The only thing that Gato has going for him is the money to pay powerful people like Zabuza to do his bidding. Gato is basically a drug lord disguised as a businessman, and he uses mercenaries to coerce the Land of the Waves into handing over control of their trading routes. This economically cripples the nation. While he seems formidable, he actually has no real abilities of his own - no fighting prowess, no ninjutsu attacks, nothing. When he tries to assassinate Zabuza in order to skip out on paying for his services, he ends up beheaded. No amount of money will protect you when you've wronged one of the strongest and most ruthless ninja in the region.

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Spandam was once the chief of the C9, but he didn't exactly earn the position - he inherited it from his father Spandine. While he has an exaggerated view of his own importance due to his status, he also knows that he's literally weaker than an average marine guard. That's why he's constantly engineering situations to make sure he's never in the line of fire. Still, that doesn't stop him from verbally berating those he thinks are beneath him, like Nico when he mocks her for his father's destruction of her hometown. This was a huge mistake, as Nico doesn't take kindly to mockery - instead, she beats the living stuffing out of him, going so far as to break his spine. 

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Shou Tucker Used Cruelty To Cover His Weakness In 'Fullmetal Alchemist' 
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If Shou Tucker were actually competent as a villain, he likely wouldn't have become one to begin with. That's because the only reason he resorted to fusing his wife and daughter with the family dogs was that he wasn't a good enough alchemist to maintain his position, and he needed to cheat. When he's discovered, the original plan is to arrest him and strip him of his status, which he would have submitted to. Before that can happen, Scar appears and takes his life with no trouble. So, if you're ever isekai'd into the world of FMA, you could probably knock out Tucker's front teeth - and considering how despicable he is, you'd probably want to. 

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