Things You Suck At, According To Your Zodiac Sign

You suck, but it's not your fault – blame the stars. Zodiac signs make you who you are (if you believe in that sort of thing, which you probably don't if you're a Virgo). While the stars may give you your best traits, they're also responsible for your very worst (that Kanye-level ego or Kardashian-approved vanity). Faults from the zodiac include everything from accidentally blabbing your BFF's darkest secrets to being too stubborn to ask for help. Society's biggest shortcomings, according to the zodiac, infiltrate every aspect of human daily life – they're the reason that Tinder date didn't go as planned... or at least, that's what Cancer has been relentlessly overthinking for the last 45 minutes.

So, what do you suck at according to your sign? If you're a Leo, you certainly suck at sharing the spotlight. If you're an Aries, you just can't be a team player (unless your role on the team is head coach). The weaknesses according to your zodiac sign aren't even always the biggest problem. Sometimes it’s your strengths that make your personality utterly unbearable. Scorpios are adept manipulators and Capricorns are wildly successful users who will leech off other people's success.

Check out what your sign says you suck at below, and try not to blame your mother too much for not giving birth at some other time of the year. Instead, thank the stars above!


  • Aries Always Has To Be The Boss
    Photo: Sidney Hall / Wikimedia Commons / Public Domain

    Two years ago, Aries told you not wear hoop earrings because hoop earrings were her thing. Then, when your parents got you a pair of gorgeous, expensive, white gold hoops for Hanukkah, you had to pretend you didn't even like them. The truth is that Aries is always the boss regardless of whether or not she wears pink on Wednesdays. Although the good thing is that Aries are energetic and can make good leaders, but a good leader is easily also a bossy one.

  • Taurus Is Lazy
    Photo: Sidney Hall / Wikimedia Commons / Public Domain

    Taurus, we know it's safe on your couch watching TV, but don't you want to do something other than Netflix and chill? Taurus is the laziest of the zodiac signs, if only because you can't fail if you don't try. Nothing bad ever happened to anyone after watching 45 episodes of Friends in a row, but do you not feel the smallest pang of shame when Netflix asks you if you're still watching?

    However, don't let a Taurean lack of drive fool you. They're really just interpreted as lazy because doing nothing is the safest option at any given time. If things don't change, they can't change for the worse.

  • Gemini Can't Keep A Secret
    Photo: Sidney Hall / Wikimedia Commons / Public Domain

    Gemini's symbol is twins because if you're born under the sign you're going to get one of two characteristics – the loyal, passionate friend who hates the same people you do or the two-faced gossip who accidentally spreads your secrets around town. Geminis just can't keep their mouths shut, but it's not always on purpose. They're the kind of people who get so swept up in a juicy conversation that they accidentally disclose sensitive details. Whoops! Sometimes when you're passionately judging someone, it's easy to accidentally spill the tea.

  • Cancer Is Moody And Takes Everything Personally
    Photo: Sidney Hall / Wikimedia Commons / Public Domain

    Inside that hard shell is a mushy, squishy body who just can't handle criticism of any kind – even if it's helpful. Cancers take everything personally regardless of whether or not it has anything to do with them. Their favorite pastime is grueling over an acquaintance's subtweet, agonizing over the true meaning of a four word text message, or crying from a light-hearted joke. Seriously, don't roast them in the group chat because they might never recover. To make matters worse, Cancers overthink all of this stuff while sitting alone in their bedroom because these oversensitive crabs are indeed hermit crabs, too.