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14 Horror Movies Where Rich People Are The Villains

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The very wealthy hold a place in society that allows them to act as supervillains if they so choose, providing money to cover up wrongdoing or push a political agenda incompatible with the existence of the poor. There are even those very rich folk who off people in an effort to appease their god complexes brought on by having enough money to buy and sell life as they see fit, expecting no repercussions due to their ability to afford the best in defense lawyers. It's no big leap then to see the 1% portrayed as villains in horror movies like Ready or Not, The Purge, and a plethora of other films released over the last 50 or 60 years.

Sometimes the cruelty is the point with these villains, as illustrated in The People Under the Stairs, and other times the insatiable lust for power moves the rich to unspeakable means to justify their end goals. Other times, a clear inability to understand the feelings of a different socioeconomic class pushes their ignorance into villainous territory, as seen in Candyman. Their inability to see the less fortunate as people is the root of their villainy as they create deadly games with the lives of others in order to feed their own egos and line their pockets further.

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