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Jacob Shelton
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It's a real mystery as to how you get to be one of the ultra-wealthy elite of the world. Investments probably? An inheritance? Even then, how does an inheritance turn into an Everest-sized pile of money that one rolls around in naked? Even if you don’t have what it takes (rich parents in most cases) to become a fat cat, you are probably able to spot a fat cat with aspirations to become something more… something nefarious – a supervillain. It might sound crazier than an outhouse rat, but follow along. Like Rome, supervillains aren’t built in a day. It takes time, effort, and usually a large vat of acid or something purple, and definitely  A LOT of money to make a full-fledged real-life supervillain. This list is pressed to the gills with the wealthiest people in the world who are just aching to build a death ray.

Internet billionaires, old money, and religious zealots with TV shows, they’ve all made this list of wealthy people that are more than likely going to become supervillains. The crazy rich people on this list are all over the place. Some of them would turn the world into their own Wild West theme park, while others might enslave the population and force us to wear those skinny sweatpants that are also somehow baggy – you never know what you’re going to get when wealthy people become super villains.

Vote up the crazyirich gazillionaire you think is closest to being a super villain, and if you have any ideas about what kind of death ray they would build – leave it in the comments!
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Gina Rinehart

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When you start looking up the world's wealthiest billionaires, it seems like everyone wants to be Lex Luthor. Gina Rinehart really, really isn't a fan of poor people. Like, not at all. In 2012, she made a case for a  $2 a day pay and if you've got a problem with that, then you should suck it up and inherit $18 billion dollars like she did. 

Super Power: The ghosts of her parents help her out of any situation.

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Jacob Rothschild, 4th Baron Ro... is listed (or ranked) 2 on the list Wealthy People Who Are Basically Supervillains
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Come on! The guy's name is Baron Rothschild! If there's a name that screams "SUPERVILLAIN!" any louder, please leave it in the comments section. As the head of the Rothschilds, a family that allegedly runs the world's banks and is bonafide Illuminati, this guy has connections to every head of state you can think of, and he has more money than can actually be printed (probably). Dude is one creepy mask, or maybe a giant snake, away from being Doctor Doom himself.

While much of the anti-Rothschild conspiracy theories in the world are antisemitic bullsh*t, but you can't deny the family's long history in European banking and extreme wealth. 

Super Power: An underground system of tunnels that allow him to travel anywhere in the world within hours. Also, he probably owns the world's only giant spider with lasers on each of its legs.

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The Koch Brothers

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Where to begin? David and Charles, the brothers still with Koch industries, a fossil fuel and energy company, are among the world’s biggest polluters, for starters. Bill Koch, who split off from the family company, is a world-class weirdo who devotes himself to things like building a faux Western town solely for his own amusement (which is legit supervillainy btdubs). As for David and Charles, they're basically twin Doctor Dooms, wringing their hands as they destroy humanity with everything from funding climate change denial to strangling democracy.

Super Power: A swirling money vortex that sends anyone caught in its path into another dimension.
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Jim Bob Duggar

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We don't really care who you vote for or where you fall on the political spectrum, most of that stuff is bunk anyway. However, when someone who claims to have a direct line to God uses their political power to cover up sexual abuse (especially of a minor) it goes far beyond regular human garbage behavior and into the realm of out and out villainy. Where's Batman when you need him?

Super Powers: Can control the minds of every Arkansas State Trooper and repopulate Earth in a matter of months.

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