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Impressive Weapon And Combat Details Fans Noticed About DC Villains

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The DC cinematic universe is full of awesome villains. Joker, Zod, Two-Face, Lex Luthor, Poison Ivy, Bane, and Harley Quinn are among the villains that translated wonderfully to the big screen. This means that their weapons and fighting styles translated nicely as well.

As such, here are weapon and combat details fans noticed about DC movie villains.

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    In 'The Dark Knight,' The Joker Opens Both Doors To Fire An RPG Out Of A Trailer

    Photo: The Dark Knight / Warner Bros. Pictures

    Redditor u/herrfrosteus pointed out this detail, which has been praised for its accuracy. When the Joker fires the RPG from a trailer, he makes sure both side doors are open. If they weren't, everybody on board would have been injured by the back blast.

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    The Joker's Pencil "Trick" In 'The Dark Knight' Was A Real Stunt That Knocked Out A Stuntman (Three Times!)

    Photo: The Dark Knight / Warner Bros. Pictures

    Redditor u/arthurfla informed us of this fact, but it comes from Christopher Hooton in The Independent. Here's the relevant excerpt: 

    Nolan, who had worked with his production team on magic tricks in previous film The Prestige, decided to stage the stunt for real, with the stuntman swiping the pencil away at the last minute – so swiftly and at such an angle that it wouldn’t be obvious to the viewer.

    “We did a couple of half-speed rehearsals just to get the hand action of my right hand sweeping across, taking the pencil as my body was going down, and my head striking the blank surface,” stunt actor Charles Jarman recalled to Vulture. “It was a little hairy, because the pencil’s stuck in the table. If, for some reason, I didn’t get my hand in time, we wouldn’t be having this conversation. Well, possibly through a Ouija board.”

    Jarman apparently had “three knockouts” while filming the scene, which was the only time Heath Ledger broke character, asking Jarman “Are you okay? Are you okay?”

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    The Only Time That Batman Appears In Daylight In 'The Dark Knight Rises' Is During His Final Fight With Bane

    Photo: The Dark Knight Rises / Warner Bros. Pictures

    Redditor u/carsy93 put forward this theory, and thousands of other Redditors agree with. The Redditor also claimed that the climactic Batman/Bane fight is the only time in the entire trilogy when the titular hero appears in daylight.  

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    In 'The Dark Knight,' The First Time Harvey Dent Uses His Gun For Unlawful Purposes, Half His Face Is Shadowed

    Photo: The Dark Knight / Warner Bros. Pictures

    Clearly, this foreshadows his transformation into the villain Two-Face. Credit goes to Redditor u/satti_scientist for pointing it out.

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