Weapon And Combat Details Fans Noticed In James Bond Movies

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For decades, James Bond has thrilled moviegoing audiences with exciting gunplay, daring escapes, and narrowly averted international terror attacks. Even though many would argue Bond's greatest strengths are his quick-thinking and charm, none of this would be possible without some very important weapon and combat details. Much like Bond's hip-fire shot at the camera, fans online (with a little help from Q, of course) are quick on the draw when spotting many of the most interesting examples. In Casino Royale, for instance, when 007 gets into a brawl in a warehouse, he actually uses his wristwatch as brass knuckles to add a little oomph to his punches. Some examples have great continuity. Reaching further back in From Russia With Love, Bond at one point carries an explosive suitcase given to him by Q, an item that was first introduced in Goldfinger. There are even examples that, like Bond himself, are a little cheeky. If you look closely in Thunderball, two atomic bombs have handling instructions on their sides-- "Handle like eggs."

Check out this list of weapon and combat details fans spotted in James Bond movies, and don't forget to vote up your favorites!

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    The Bomb In 'Goldfinger' Doesn't Have Great Timing

    From Redditor u/Tokyono:

    In Goldfinger, the bomb timer was originally meant to stop at 0:03 than 0:07. James Bond even says the line “Three more ticks and Mr. Goldfinger would've hit the jackpot.”

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    A Henchman In 'Quantum Of Solace' Requires A Neck Brace

    From Redditor u/NBAGuyUK:

    In Quantum of Solace, Fields (Gemma Arterton) trips Greene's henchman and he falls down the stairs. Later, in the desert scene, the same henchman appears wearing a neckbrace.

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    Bond's Booby-Trapped Suitcase In 'Goldfinger' First Appears In 'From Russia With Love'

    From Redditor u/thanatossassin:

    In Goldfinger, James Bond asks his captors for his briefcase and is told it was damaged upon inspection. This is a call back to From Russia With Love, where Bond is provided his very first gadget, a briefcase that explodes tear gas when opened improperly.

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    Bond's Heart-Shooting Gun Foreshadows During The Opening Credits Of 'Casino Royale'

    From Redditor u/ExplodingTuba:

    In the opening credits of Casino Royale, Vesper is revealed as the Queen of Spades. The Queen of Spades is canonically accepted as the one stabbing the King of Hearts. Bond shoots hearts out of his gun.

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    Bond Uses His Watch As Brass Knuckles In 'Casino Royale'

    From Redditor u/F1eur:

    In Casino Royale, Bond uses his Omega Seamaster watch as knuckle dusters while in the Venice fight scene. Because of the pace of the scene, it is never directly showed that he puts it on and is easily missed.

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    Atomic Bombs In 'Thunderball' Come With Handling Instructions

    From Redditor u/ChoccolateBar:

    In Thunderball, there are handling instructions on two stolen atomic bombs: "Handle like eggs."