Weapon And Tech Details Fans Noticed In The 'Guardians Of The Galaxy' Movies

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Within the Marvel Cinematic Universe, few installments have as much humor, joy, and silliness as the Guardians of the Galaxy movies. That said, their comedic tone doesn't mean they don't have some serious action and intricate sci-fi mythology. Fans online have certainly noticed this, and have thankfully shared some of their favorite weapon and tech details from GOTG and Vol. 2. One of the coolest weapons in the series is Yondu's Yaka Arrow. You might not have spotted, though, that the prototype Arrow he uses in Vol. 2 is way more erratic than the one he uses in the first movie. There are great details in the background, as well. When the Guardians are at intake after being arrested in GOTG, the computer behind Rocket shows one of his known associates as Lylla, his soulmate from the comic book series. Some details are rather crafy. When Quill equips himself with the Hadron Enforcer in the first movie, Rocket uses seatbelts from their ship to strap it to his captain's torso.

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