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Weapon And Combat Details Fans Noticed In High Seas Movies

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Whether they're swashbuckling across the high seas with Captain Jack Sparrow or fighting for their lives against a great white shark, movies set on the high seas always entertain. With as much action and adventure as these saltwater flicks tend to have, it's no surprise that fans online have spotted a veritable ocean of details related to their weapons and combat. For example, in Pirates of the Caribbean: Curse of the Black Pearl, Johnny Depp actually carried a set of authentic 18th-century pistols while filming. If you've ever wondered where the demigod Maui's magical hook goes when he transforms into an animal in the animated hit Moana, look a little closer-- it's always "tattooed" onto his skin or fur or feathers. Some of these details showcase great continuity. In Jaws, you can see Quint load the life-saving harpoon gun onto the boat before they set out to hunt the shark.

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