'Harry Potter' Fans Reveal Theories About The Weasley Brothers

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It isn't often readers and viewers think about the dynamic that the Weasley brothers had together because they were rarely all together thanks to their age difference. These fans concocted a number of fan theories about the many brothers Weasley that might help fill in some gaps of what they were like together and separate. 

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    Bill's Job Had Him Breaking Curses Only On Tombs Rumored To Have Goblin-Made Treasures

    From Redditor u/cookies5098:

    Gringotts has curse breakers [like Bill] who search Egyptian tombs for goblin-made treasures because the goblins’ cultural perspective is that these items should have been returned when the wizard owner died to their goblin creators (they believe these goblins to be the item’s true owner per the seventh HP book). 

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    Bill Used His Connections To Ensure The Weasleys Won The Trip To Egypt

    From Redditor u/putcoolusernamehere:

    Bill was a curse breaker who made good money and his parents have shown to have too much pride to take handouts, so he went to the Daily Prophet/Ministry of Magic and set up a fake [lottery] so they could win a ‘free’ trip to Egypt. The Ministry probably agreed because they wanted to sweep the fact that a student was involved in the Chamber attacks under the rug, and having the involved party be out of the country in the immediate aftermath of the events would help do that.

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    Charlie Doesn't Just Study Dragons, He Farms Them

    From a former Redditor:

    Think of all the different uses there are for dragons both dead and alive. In Sorcerer's Stone someone in Diagon Alley says ‘Dragon liver, 20 sickles an ounce.’ In Chamber of Secrets there is a barrel of dragon dung for sale in Knockturn Alley. There must be thousands of wands that are made with dragon heartstring. Multiple people in the books own items made from dragon hide including Fred and George Weasley, Bill Weasley, and Horace Slughorn. Dumbledore himself discovered 12 uses of dragon's blood (I guess a 13th use is to create a fake crime scene, looking at you Slughorn).

    Then think of all the uses for live dragons. There was at least one locked deep under Gringott's, they were used in the Triwizard tournament, and in Prisoner of Azkaban Fudge mentions perhaps stationing dragons outside of Hogwarts which I don't think was at all a joke.

    Dragons are clearly very valuable both alive and dead. It makes so much sense that you want to farm them. Perhaps Charlie isn't only studying dragons in Romania, he's also a dragon rancher.

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    The Magic Car Was Built To Save Ron

    From Redditor u/smoooooze:

    One thing that always confused me about Chamber of Secrets is how convenient it is that the car just happens to come by when they get attacked by the spiders - this happens in both the movie and book so how? Well my theory is that Mr. Weasley who built the car used magic that would have the car go pick one of the Weasleys up if they ware in danger. Why? Who knows maybe it was on Mrs. Weasley's insistence maybe he added it as a fail safe. Maybe I'm crazy you decide.