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15 Weasley Family Fan Theories That Actually Make A Lot Of Sense

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Harry Potter is one of the biggest franchises in history. It's gifted us with so much magic and lore and incredible characters that there's bound to be a fanbase to match. One of fandoms' most favorite things to do is scour the internet for fan theories, and there are a lot of them. The Weasley family captured our hearts from day one, so it's no surpirse that fans are still curious about the things that went unsaid.

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    The Poor Wizardry Of Ron And Neville Can Be Traced Back To Their Choice of Wand

    From Redditor u/LiamFleak:

    In the seventh book, its established that you need to win a wand's allegiance for it to function as intended.

    Ron uses his brother's old wand until the second book, where it breaks and he's essentially wandless for a year. Aside from a couple of fluke cases, we don't see Ron perform any magic which works as intended until the third book (where his parents get him a brand new wand). His poor results are put down to a lack of aptitude and effort, (or tree attack) but in the later books he's easily Harry's equal (outside of DADA).

    The same is true of Neville. He's renowned for being awful at magic throughout the series, and he's another character who uses a wand which didn't choose him (in this case, his father's). That wand gets broken in the fight at the Ministry, and once he has his new wand, he becomes the best student in the year at herbology and leads a revolution. He's even so good he ends up as a professor. The turning point could be seen to be during the DA, but bear in mind that he's just as bad at magic as ever, all through that fight.

    There are definitely holes in this theory, but compared to a lot of Harry Potter theories that are passed around the web, this fits the source material pretty well.

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    Arthur Weasley Made Molly's Family Clock

    From Redditor u/80nz1:

    As stated in the title, I believe that in Harry Potter, Arthur Weasley made the clock for Molly.

    The books mention that it looks like an ordinary clock except it has the Weasley faces on the hands, and it points to locations instead of times. We know that Arthur has a history of (very successfully) tinkering with muggle "artifacts" in order to give them magical properties, and even creating loopholes in the laws to allow himself to do this.

    We also find out that Molly "doesn't know anyone else who has a clock like that", and when Dumbledore comments on it in the Order of the Phoenix he says something like "...although I'm sure she already knows thanks to that wonderful little clock of hers," which seems to infer a bit that it's not completely commonplace.

    I think that Molly was freaking out when Bill was leaving to become a curse-breaker in Egypt, and so Arthur made the clock for her to help her find some piece of mind. I think that he had created a loophole in the law that infers that if you alter the appearance enough of a muggle artifact then it can no longer be considered illegal. Not wanting Molly to know he'd been tinkering, he infers that he got it off someone else/purchased it, hence why she considers that she's never seen anyone else with one, she doesn't know that it's one of a kind.

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    Why Arthur Weasley Was The Head Of The Misuse Of Muggle Artifacts Department Despite Having Little Knowledge Of Muggle Objects

    From Redditor u/PartyPoison98:

    Why was Arthur Weasley the head of the Misuse of Muggle artifacts department despite having little to no knowledge of muggle objects? I thought it might be to show the ministry's racism that they'd hire him over one of the many half blood/muggles that could do the job far better.

    From Redditor u/Ssutuanjoe:

    My theory would be because the Muggle Department is the booby-prize of Wizarding jobs, kinda like how Mulder took the "Paranormal FBI investigation" gig because 1) he was interested in it, and 2) literally no one else wanted that sh*t job. Mr. Weasly was interested in Muggle objects, no one else was. It was really fortunate for him that he took an interest in something that no one else cared about, but there was government funding for.

    From Redditor u/adamandatium:

    From what I recall, the Misuse of Muggle artifacts department focused on de-charming/un-cursing Muggle objects that are found in the Muggle world. Having to deal with a cursed exploding toilet, a teacup that bites noses, a bed cover that is charmed to fly....Arthur would be dealing with stuff like that. If I could guess, that job would require more knowledge of how to de-curse/charm every day common Muggle objects rather than knowing a lot about Muggle objects.

    Arthur probably got the Head position because of his passion for Muggle objects. That, and he's a pretty damn good wizard. He would have to be to be un-cursing objects all day that asshole wizards leave about just to mess with the Muggle population.

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    Ron Weasley Is A Fan Of The Chudley Cannons Because Of Arthur

    From Redditor u/TheGrayBarron:

    Even within the narrative of the series the Chudley Cannons are a laughably bad team. To the point where the team motto is literally "let's all just cross our fingers and hope for the best." So why is Ron such a die hard fan? He is one of the only characters mentioned in canon to admire the team un-ironically despite being mocked for it. Well if the team is so bad than the merchandise and tickets to matches are likely dirt cheap. So much so that even the struggling Mr Weasley could likely spring for it on occasion. None of his siblings share his passion for the team but they were all talented Quidditch players in their own right when Ron was a toddler so they likely grew out of the team or never got into them in the first place. But I think as he was always desperate for attention from his family and any excuse to stand out Ron would have gravitated to the albeit subpar team that he shared with his father.

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