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Harry Potter Fans Share Details About The Weasley Twins We Never Noticed

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Harry Potter will always be in our hearts, especially those beloved characters that we hold so dear. Fred and George Weasley will forever be two of our favorite Gryffindors; they showed that loyalty and love will always prevail and that being true to yourself is so important. Even after all this time, fans of the series are still spotting new details about our favorite prank-loving duo. The Weasley twins had so many incredible moments throughout the series, and fans still have a lot to say about the interesting details we haven't noticed before.

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Photo: Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix / Warner Bros

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    And We Love Them For It

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    The Twins Don't Get Enough Credit For Being Good Siblings

    The Twins Don't Get Enough Credit For Being Good Siblings
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    We Absolutely Think That, Yes

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    The Weasley Twins And Harry’s Relationship Is Underrated

    The Weasley Twins And Harry’s Relationship Is Underrated
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    From Redditor u/lavenderosecoco:

    When I first read this series as a kid, I loved Fred and George as comic relief/brilliant jokesters. But as I reread the series now, I’m touched by their brotherly relationship with Harry, and it’s a lot closer than I had remembered.

    The first time they meet, George is waving down Fred to help Harry get his trunk on the train. And this is before they even knew he was Harry Potter! Already a sweet moment. Then, Harry bonds with them on the quidditch team, developing a relationship with them separate from Ron. At the beginning of CoS, they drive the car along with Ron to go rescue Harry! Irresponsible though it may be, they are some of the first people to recognize Harry is in an abusive situation, and furthermore they actually do something about it! And George even tells Mrs. Weasley that they were starving him! Then, they are protective of Harry when the rogue bludger is after him, and even scold Wood for telling Harry to care more about quidditch than surviving. Then when the whole school thinks Harry is the heir of Slytherin, they just make a joke out of it because they know and trust Harry, and it makes Harry feel better.

    Flash forward to PoA. Fred and George do something so entirely selfless- I don’t know if I could’ve mustered the kindness to do this if I were them- they give him the Marauders Map. That map is so overpowered and useful, especially if you’re Fred and George and survive on pranking. They see that Harry is down because of the quidditch match, and not being able to go to Hogsmeade. And they give him one of, if not their most prized possessions. That’s incredibly selfless. Of course, it ends up being that it was Harry’s dad’s map (I hope Harry told them that at some point), but they didn’t know that.

    Moving on to GOF. We start with Fred dropping the ton tongue toffee. Though this was a bit reckless and immature, I loved it. Once again, Fred and George are really the only ones standing up to the Dursley’s at this point. George even said they did it because Dudley was a “bullying git”, meaning not only have they listened to Harry and remembered what he told them about his home life, but they stood up for him and did something about it. And in a weird way that was really touching.

    Then, Harry pays them back, quite literally, by giving them a thousand galleons for their business, allowing them to create a thriving store and become quite comfortable financially. I love this moment because Fred and George have really done a lot for Harry, and I love seeing Harry repay them with this grand gesture.

    In OoTP, the twins continue their brotherly support of Harry, sticking up for him and relentlessly supporting him in DA meetings, and supporting him when the interview comes out. And then, when Harry is at a really low moment, Ginny teams up with Fred and George to make a distraction for Harry to talk to Sirius, without even asking why he wants to talk to him. This is one of my favorite moments between Harry and the Weasleys. At this point they’re grateful to Harry not only for the money but for saving their dad, which explains why they’re so quickly willing to help him. It’s a great relationship.

    And of course, I have to mention Potterwatch. Fred is only a guest on the show iirc, but the fact that they are using their humor to boost morale is incredibly important. And the fact that it is Fred’s voice that makes Harry laugh “for the first time in months” is very telling.

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    Their Birthday Is So Fitting

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    We've All Been There

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