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30 Creative and Romantic Wedding Tattoos

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Ever wish there was a way to celebrate your love for your fiancé that would last forever? Well if you and your one true love are the adventurous types, getting a pair of engagement tattoos can be a really cool way to go. As you may already know, tattooing your wedding rings can not only be a really fun idea, and it comes with the added bonus of never having to worry about losing your rock, or having to spend a million dollars on it in the first place, for that matter. As you’ll see below however, wedding tattoos comes in many shapes and sizes and are in no way limited to classic wedding ring placement.

Here you’ll find a myriad of wedding ring tattoo ideas as well as wedding tattoo pictures of ink, not just on ring fingers, but also on wrists, shoulders, and chests. As you get a load of these fun and creative ideas for tats dedicated to eternal love, you’ll see that there’s no reason your ink shouldn’t be just as unique as the bond between you and your special someone.

So get your creative and sentimental juices flowing. Whether you’re looking for quote tattoos, couples tats that only make sense when they come together, or something a little more small and chic, you won’t be disappointed. We’ve gathered a collection of Mr. and Mrs. tattoos that range from minimalist to badass to help give you and your forever flame some cool ideas to commemorate your love in a way that’ll last forever, just like your romance!
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    These Tattoos Are a Cool Way to Give Your Love the Key to Your Heart

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    These Half Heart Tattoos Are a Cool Take on Friendship Bracelets

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    Their Hearts Beat as One

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    These Lovely Couple Tattoos are Royally Adorable

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