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19 Insane Brawls That Broke Out At Wedding Receptions

On the one hand, weddings are great. It’s always special when two people fall in love and want to tell all of their friends about it in a communal space and then feed them. But also – barring some massive wedding fail – if you’ve seen one wedding, you’ve seen them all. Sometimes you need a good wedding brawl to spice things up. Wedding fights are bound to happen in at least one-out-of-every-three receptions. Everyone is wearing uncomfortable clothes; they’re probably drunk; and more than likely, someone is regretting a huge life decision, and they want to punch away their frustration. The following wedding horror stories all feature some good, old-fashioned punch ups between brides, grooms, and the entire wedding party.

There are some instances where you’re more likely to see wedding reception fights than others. Is the bride’s ex-boyfriend in attendance? If so, you will be seeing a fight. Does the groom hate the bride’s mother? If so, a fight in wedding minute one is inevitable. The wedding fails that follow aren’t simply wedding scuffles; they’re knock-down, drag-out, neck-stabbing wedding brawls that people were lucky to survive. If you’re gearing up for wedding season, make sure you read this as a what not to do before putting on your tux or bridesmaid dress.  

  • Buffet Fight Leads To A Broken Nose

    Dear everyone that's attending a wedding in the upcoming months and years, there's always enough food at the buffet. Always, always, always. At a wedding in Norfolk, England in 2013, a family brawl broke out over a piece of chicken at the buffet. The whole thing started when the best man pushed into the line for the buffet to get food for his son, and that move got on everyone's nerves to an extreme. The groom, Ben Smethurst, 26, said everything started at the buffet table when his brother reached over to get a piece of chicken, and the name calling started. He said: "Curt thought he was pushing in the queue, and called him "a fat c*nt." My brother just told him there was no need to use that sort of language. The fight got so intense that the bride's sister Krystel Coleman, 29, ended up with a broken nose and two black eyes.

  • Food Fight Turns Into A Real Fight

    In 2014, a wedding in Yorkshire, England devolved into total chaos after the drunken party guests started spraying each other with water guns and throwing pork pies at each other. Chris Sowden, one of the guys who runs the Harold Club (where the wedding was held) told The Telegraph, "[people] had been drinking since 2pm. Apparently there was some tension building for an hour or so before it happened. It all started with a water pistol then a pork pie got thrown. I've worked here for 14 years and I've never seen anything like it. We had to shut the bar at 7pm when it was supposed to be open until 11."

  • They Guy Who Chose His Mom Over His Bride At The Rehearsal Dinner

    If you're going to get married, then you've got to make sure that you like your in-laws, because if you don't, you're going to end up in one of the strangest wedding brawls ever. A couple from Manhattan, New York who had been dating for three years got into a huge fight when their in-laws came to blows during the almost half-a-million-dollar pre-wedding party. Apparently, the fight happened, and the wedding was canceled when the bride to be, Amy Bzura, gave Bradley Moss the ultimatum that he had to choose between her and his mother, and he chose his mom.

  • Turkish Wedding Ends With A Bang

    In 2016, a big ol' fight broke out at a wedding reception in the Dilovasi district of the north-western Kocaeli Province of Turkey. After the guys who were fighting were kicked out of the wedding, the fight continued, and a man only identified as "O.K." got in his car and ran down the guys he was fighting at the wedding. Fortunately, most of the guys made it out of the incident unscathed, but one of the men reportedly suffered "permanent damage" to his face.