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15 Cringe-Worthy Wedding Cake Fails

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The best part of wedding planning is definitely picking the cake. The flowers, the decor, the dress: they're all just big, stressful headaches. At least with the wedding cake, you get to eat some delicious frosting while you figure out what to choose. After all, what can go wrong when it comes to fondant and buttercream? It turns out the answer is: a whole lot.

When you're ready to plan your own big day, take a page from these wedding cake fails and don't try anything crazy. That means saying no when your grandma offers to bake it for you, and remembering that all those DIY Pinterest wedding cakes online are complete lies. These ugly wedding cakes are enough to scare anyone into hiring a real professional.

From wedding cakes that are falling over to sugary wonders that are melting in the bright sun, these cakes probably shouldn't have even been photographed. Better to serve your guests a sheet cake from the grocery store than subject them to a suggestively-shaped mishap or a cake topped with roadkill. 

Feast your eyes on some of the worst wedding cakes of all time!

  • 1. Are There Pickles Lining This Bad Boy?

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  • 2. Not Entirely Sure About This Couple

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  • 3. Save It For The Honeymoon, Folks

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  • 4. When Grandma Offers To Bake The Cake Herself

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