15 Wedding Disaster Stories To Avoid At Your Own Wedding

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When your big day arrives the last thing you want is to have to deal with some unforeseen disaster. So, if you want to prepare for the worst and learn what to avoid at your own wedding, then check out these wedding disaster stories.

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    The Bride Didn't Want To Pay For Tables And Chairs

    From Redditor u/tsim12345:

    There were no tables and chairs. Like none. They had an open bar but no chairs. Everyone had to put their drink on the ground and hold their plate to eat. It was ridiculous.

    Everyone just assumed that some sort of terrible thing happened where the tables and chairs people didn't bring them but afterward I asked her (the bride) what happened and she just said: "Oh we would have had to pay extra for that."

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    The Ceremony And Reception Involved Covers Of Journey Songs

    From Redditor u/78552:

    The ceremony involved piano covers of Journey songs.

    The reception involved the groom playing a forty-five-minute set with his Journey cover band.

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    Their Rained-Out Beach Wedding Doubled As A Gender Reveal Party

    From Redditor u/PamPooveyIsTheTits:

    My cousin had to get married on the beach in Queensland, Australia in November and didn't have a rainy day plan. Of course, it poured. The wedding still went ahead on the beach. The reception was held at the local football club upstairs hall (nothing wrong with that) to save money, but they charged for all of the drinks, including a mark-up on bottled water. Not enough food, a candy bar which didn't have enough for all of the guests, a gender reveal cake cut (she was pregnant with her second child) which turned out to be wrong (it was a pink cake, she ended up having another boy) and there were only about a dozen chairs for a wedding with 50 ish guests so we ended up sitting on the excess gym gear outside. About half the guests had to travel a minimum of an hour plane ride to get there.

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    The Best Man Embarrassed The Bride In Front Of Her Family

    From Redditor u/henrijonesjr:

    As a waitress, I've seen a lot of sh*t at weddings. Amongst my favorite was the best man who got up and started his speech, re-telling all the details of the buck's night. The bride's family had flown in from Africa (unsure of the nation). They were all in traditional dress and we were only serving alcohol to certain tables because of their religious beliefs I guess. The poor bride was hiding her head in her hands while the best man talks about the groom climbing on stage at a strip joint and eating a banana.

    Rule number one of giving speeches at weddings: Never re-tell Buck's night stories.

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    The Bride Said She Didn't Think The Marriage Would Last... In Her Vows

    From Redditor u/ainslie-red:

    I attended one last week where the bride said in her vows that she didn't think it would last, and they fought too much but she thought she would like to try marriage. Later on, when fireworks went off during their first dance, the base of the firework fell over and set the carpet on fire.

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    The Father Of The Bride Pulled Out A Pistol Mid-Ceremony

    From Redditor u/parting_shot:

    The father of the bride was also the pastor doing the wedding, and he pulled a pistol out towards the end, laughing and telling the groom what he would do if he cheated on his girl. It wasn't funny.