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Wedding Dresses from Around the World

It's a question every bride thinks about: "what am I going to wear on my wedding day!?" But if you're living in Japan or Pakistan, you probably won't go for the fairy-tale white wedding clothes from the movies. Check out our list of wedding dresses from around the world to see what a Japanese or Pakistani bride might consider for her big day. 

While a lot of modern brides are opting for typical Western-style white wedding gowns, many are turning to more traditional wedding dresses to celebrate their cultures. In some places, it's not just the bride that wears traditional clothing, or even a unique dress of her own. For example, in Nigerian tradition, the whole family wears similar wedding clothing to show unity with the bride and groom. 

International wedding dresses, like sarees from India and the osaria from Sri Lanka, are often accompanied by intricate embroidery and large amounts of jewelry. Other places, like Japan and Tibet, adorn their brides in heavy, but beautiful and elaborate headdresses. One thing is for sure: around the world, everyone loves a bride! 

Take a look at all the beautiful wedding dresses from around the world! Vote up the best look for a bride on her big day. 

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    India - Saree

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    A traditional Indian saree is intricately woven with natural motifs like birds, animals, and plants, but can also include whole scenes and stylized abstractions. Sarees are typically made of silk and come in all the colors of the rainbow. 

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    Austrian brides wear exquisite and ornate fairy-tale gowns in fabulous fabrics. Most important is the veil, which is thought to keep a bride hidden from evil spirits. 

    Source: World Wedding Traditions
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    Indonesia - Kebaya

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    In Indonesia and across southeast Asia, a traditional blouse-dress called a kebaya is worn. It's often made from silk or thin cotton and is embroidered with floral patterns. A bride will often wear it with a sarong or batik kain panjang

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    Japan - Iro-Uchikake

    Shinto brides in Japan can choose to wear a colored outer robe called an iro-uchikake (which literally means "colored robe") over her white kimono. The typical colors are scarlet, orange or gold, and the bride is able to choose whichever one she likes.

    Source: 2 Aussie Travellers

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