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People Who Work Weddings Share The Moments They Realized The Marriage Was Doomed

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Over on Reddit, people who work weddings is share stories about the red flags they noticed at weddings that screamed "Divorce!" From fist fighting at the wedding to the groom leaving early, here are a few memorable moments from weddings that were doomed to fail. 

  • Groom Made A Run For It

    Posted by u/notasugarbabybutok:

    Have seen a woman complain at everything her fiancé said. Any suggestions he had for what he liked resulted in him being called stupid. Anytime she'd open her mouth he'd cower and flinch. Their cake actually got canceled like a month before the wedding, so we didn't get anything but the deposit even though we'd started baking it. First time I've lost out on money and I've been relieved.

  • 'She Stabbed Him In The Chest With A Dinner Fork'

    Posted by u/SuperConfusedCoryn:

    Not sure if this belongs here, since I'm really sure that they got divorced after, but anyway:

    I was helping out at my parents restaurant where a huge wedding party was hosted. I was busy serving drinks and suddenly loud yelling and screaming startet right behind me. Turns out the bride had somehow found out that the groom had hooked up with her sister right before the wedding ceremony (and apparently on a few occasions before) and in her anger she stabbed him in the chest with a dinner fork several times.

    We had to call an ambulance and the police.

  • Groom Ignores His Bride At His Wedding

    Posted by u/Eggsegret:

    Not actually in the industry but I have helped out a friend with a few weddings.

    The bride and groom hardly talked the entire wedding. It was like they had nothing in common. And then later the groom pretty much [leaves] half way through and went home, because I quote, "he was tired." 

    So he just left his bride having to take pictures with the wedding guests on her own. He never came back that evening so she had to greet everyone off etc. Funny enough about a year later I heard they're filing for divorce.

  • 'This. Is. A. Mistake.'

    Posted by u/MarvelousShiggyDiggy:

    Wedding commences and as the bride comes down the aisle her face is grey and like she would rather be anywhere else. They exchange vows while the bride does everything in her power to not touch her husband to be, even standing a solid metre away from him as they stand at the front. She actually cringes and looks away when he gets choked up saying how much he loves her.

    When the priest announces the kiss, the bride takes a slow step forward and presents her cheek for him to kiss instead of her lips. No one cheers, it's just an awkward shuffling of feet and a few scattered claps. It was the worst wedding I've ever been to.

    They lasted about 3 months before separating.