15 People Tell Their Wedding Objection Stories

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Have you ever witnessed an objection at a wedding? Have you ever wanted to stand up and shout "I object!"? Believe it or not, it doesn't just happen in movies.

Read these Redditors' incredible wedding objection stories. And maybe once you've read them all, you'll be armed with enough knowledge to avoid having any objectors at your own wedding.

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    The Side-Girlfriend Crashed The Wedding

    From Redditor u/ok_koreal:

    Ex-girlfriend's co-worker's wedding. The groom’s side-girlfriend shows up absolutely hammered right when the ceremony started, screaming at him saying she’s supposed to marry him. She was carried out by a few of the groomsmen. The ceremony went on as [if[ nothing happened. Find out about one year later that he was still cheating (with that chick and another one).

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    The Bride's Brother Had To Be Escorted Out

    From Redditor u/JamesandtheGiant*ss:

    I grew up in a super religious community. My best friend fell in love, but her parents were p*ssed because they wanted to do an arranged marriage for her, so they locked her in the house for months. Finally, I helped her escape and she got married in a very small ceremony.

    She used to be very close to her brother, so she invited him. He was also angry about her eloping, so he wore all black, including black sunglasses, and stood there looking p*ssed the whole time.

    We specifically asked the pastor to not do the "does anyone object" thing because we didn't want to give anyone the chance. When her brother realized the pastor wasn't going to say it, he tried to stop the wedding anyway. My brothers had to force him to leave.

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    Grandma Purposefully Made The Groom An Hour Late

    From Redditor u/NoxRiddle:

    It wasn't verbal, and no one will admit it was 100% on purpose.

    My husband's grandmother intentionally made him an hour late to our wedding, hoping we would just call it off.

    She gave him directions to her timeshare that was her gift to us for the wedding night, except she conveniently gave him the wrong one: the one that was on the other side of the city from both the wedding and the correct one, and that he had to cross Interstate 4 (one of the worst highways in Florida, and possibly America) during 5 pm traffic on a weekday to get to.

    Everyone chalked it up to "oh, she's a senile old lady, she just got mixed up."

    No, she wasn't, and no she didn't. She was only senile when she could use it as a cover for being malicious. I could detail many other examples, but I won't.

    What happened? The wedding started an hour late, so we lost an hour of the reception, and we're still married 13 years later.

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    They Found A Way To Object After The Ceremony

    From Redditor u/AAlHazred:

    I was at a wedding where there were three parties: the bride's, the groom's, and the groom's mother. She hated the bride, though she was not good enough for her son, etc. I was friends with both bride and groom, and they had to invite the groom's mom and dad, but they had the priest avoid the "objection" part of the ceremony.

    At the reception, there was a moment where the groom's father danced with the bride, and a few minutes later she stormed off the dance floor. The groom's dad had offered her $5,000 cash to walk away right then and there and have the marriage annulled. The reception featured a flambeau entrée, and everybody was watching the groom's mother, half expecting her to grab one of the flaming skewers from one of the waiters and hurl it at the bride.

    They're still married 30 years later and have two kids, but I believe they are estranged from the groom's family for some reason.

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    They Didn't Want The Groom Marrying An American

    From Redditor u/ShoddyEvent420:

    My cousin was marrying a Korean guy she went to grad school with. His family had come in from abroad and were sitting all together on one side of the room. When they got to the objection part, this Korean girl yells out "NO!" and stands up and starts screaming in Korean at the groom. As everyone is trying to figure out what the hell is going on, an old lady calmly walks up to the girl and slaps her face. The girl starts sobbing as some more older women grab her and pull her outside.

    The explanation was that she was just a drunk friend that didn't want him marrying an American. Found out later that the girl was actually a childhood sweetheart that was screaming how the groom promised to marry her, which was awkward since the two were related to each other in some way (was not quite sure how). Anyway, the cousin and her husband are quite happy, so no harm in the end.

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    The Family Stood Up And Walked Out In Protest

    From Redditor u/AnyBodyPeople:

    When my cousin got married to her wife, her parents, grandparents, and a few other older family members stood up and walked out. They didn't say anything or try to stop the wedding; it was just a symbol of their disapproval. My cousin was pretty devastated because she thought the attendance meant they had changed their mind and wanted to support her, but it was just a trick.