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People Describe Wedding Red Flags That Said, "This Marriage Won't Last"

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Marriages can be beautiful unions, but they can also be disastrous occasions marked by red flags. While mismatched couples tend to be willfully ignorant of their incompatibility, onlookers can usually spot wedding warning signs during the ceremony. Some brides are more like bridezillas, and some grooms are just slovenly - more interested in eating and partying then paying attention to their supposed soulmates.

People on Reddit describe such occasions, and it's readily apparent the matrimonial bliss won't last for long. 

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    The Groom Danced Inappropriately With His Bride's Sister

    From Redditor /u/keys752:

    I'm the keyboard player for a wedding band so I've seen all sorts of ridiculous shit at weddings that would qualify as a red flag. That said, one stands above the rest: the groom aggressively grinding on two of the bridesmaids (simultaneously); one of which was the bride's sister.

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    The Groom Took More Pictures With His Mom Than With His Partner

    From Redditor /u/FeralBottleofMtDew:

    I wasn’t at a family members wedding, but looking at the pictures and video I pissed my mom off by saying I give it two years, tops. There were easily twice as many pics of the groom with his mother as there were of the bride and groom. And the pics were... odd. Mom was hanging all over the groom so much and was so handsy/touchy it looked like they were a couple. They were separated about a year and a half later. The bride and groom. As far as I know the groom and his mom are still together.

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    The Bride Hit On The Best Man

    From Redditor /u/RobCo5000:

    I was best man at my mate's wedding. The bride hit on me.

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    The Bride's Dad Offered The Groom A Way Out

    From Redditor /u/Kdogg573:

    At my brother's first wedding his fiances dad came into the room we were using to get ready and told my brother that if he wanted to leave he would take care of all the people inside and he wouldnt even be mad.

    My brother did it anyway. Divorced 4 months later.

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