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Bridezilla Wanted To Remove A Bridesmaid Who Had Cancer And The Former Friend Had A Savage Response

A wedding can be the most beautiful day in a person’s life. Unless of course that person places her immediate needs above being a good person.

Thus is the case with one particular bridezilla, who went looking for validation regarding a decision to remove a bridesmaid from her wedding due to a recent cancer diagnosis. In her mind, the bride was doing the bridesmaid a favor since she will no longer fit the aesthetic of the wedding due to her chemo treatment.

Luckily for us, the response from both the bridesmaid and the Internet was swift, just, and most of all, savage.

  • The Saga Begins When The Bridezilla Texted A Question To Her Bridal Party

  • The News Got To The Bridesmaid In Question, Who Shut Down The Insensitive Bride With A Few Choice Words

  • The Bridezilla Attempts To Explain That She Didn’t Mean It In ‘A Negative Way’

  • Former Bridesmaid/Friend Proposes A Few Solutions, Calls Her A ‘Soggy Pop Tart’