19 Posts Stuffed With Enough Spicy Wedding Drama To Make Us Want To Elope

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Weddings, like fame and alcohol, seem to bring out the worst in people. From demanding brides and rude guests to sloppy vendors and cranky in-laws, these posts from r/weddingshaming are enough to make us call it a day and head to city hall.

  • 1. Feed 200 People For Exposure

    Feed 200 People For Exposure
    Photo: u/tylerdaichi / Reddit
    947 votes
  • 2. Mean Mother

    Mean Mother
    Photo: u/targetsbots / Reddit
    975 votes
  • 3. Coke Wedding

    Coke Wedding
    Photo: u/Questi0nable-At-Best / Reddit
    541 votes
  • 4. Bridesmaid Betrayal

    Bridesmaid Betrayal
    Photo: u/spookysadghoul / Reddit
    613 votes
  • 5. Ghosted By A Photographer

    Ghosted By A Photographer
    Photo: u/oh_devil / Reddit
    518 votes
  • 6. Blanket Statements

    Blanket Statements
    Photo: u/mdnnnsph / Reddit
    464 votes