24 Wedding Facepalms That Are Enough To Make Us Elope

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Being the center of attention can often bring out the worst in people and weddings just make it all worse. Here are some examples of people have lost their minds on the way to the altar. You can find more posts like this at r/weddingshaming. Be sure to vote up your favorites.

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    A Slice Of Petty

    A Slice Of Petty
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    It Is Done

    It Is Done
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    Don't Take No For An Answer

    Don't Take No For An Answer
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    Gotta Cash In

    Gotta Cash In
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    When Parents Love Sports More Than Their Children

    From u/straight2streaming:

    My cousins wedding was two weekends ago. About 3 months ago, the grooms parents let them know that they would be unable to come because the wedding was scheduled during a sports tournament they wanted to attend. They declined the invite to their sons wedding, because they needed to be at this 2 week long tournament on that specific day. Apparently the grooms parents had agreed to cover the cost of the flowers. What my cousin and her husband didn’t know though, was when the parents declined their invite, they also rescinded the offer to pay for flowers. My cousin did not think to check on the flower reservation/contract because she thought it had already been covered. Well, you guessed it, no flowers arrived on the big day. My boyfriend and I arrived super early to help my aunt set up and got to witness the screaming match between groom and his parents over the phone. Apparently, the in-laws thought it was obvious that because they weren’t able to come (they were able, just chose not to) they would no longer be contributing. We ended up running to a nearby supermarket and buying them out of white roses so at least the bride and bridal party had bouquets. I don’t know how this detail was missed by everyone including the wedding planner but needless to say, my cousin was rightfully upset.

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    Pay To Go To A Wedding?

    Pay To Go To A Wedding?
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