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Things Witnessed At Weddings That Made It Obvious The Bride And Groom Shouldn't Have Gotten Married

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Weddings are not just a celebration of true love, they're also a test to see if this couple can really handle everything life throws at them. Sometimes they pass that test, but just barely. 

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    Uncompromising Wedding Party

    From Redditor u/BaylorOso:

    I was one of the bridesmaids in this wedding.

    The groom was a major jerk. Very snobby and looked down on the bride and her family because they didn't have money. Because the bride's family didn't have much money and was paying everything they could for the wedding, it was very small, and we (the bridesmaids) did most of the decorating and setting up. Bride's dad was the pastor of the church, so we were able to get in and work on the reception room a day or two before the wedding. The entire wedding party was supposed to help...the groomsmen showed up, but no groom. He wasn't answering his phone, his parents couldn't find him, groomsmen had no idea where he was. Just dropped off the face of the earth for two days.

    The wedding party looked like we were in two separate weddings. She wanted a turquoise blue as a wedding color, and he wanted gold. She wanted casual and comfortable, he wanted formal. So instead of either making any compromise, they each did their own thing with their side of the wedding party: the bridesmaids wore bright turquoise skirts and flip flops, the groomsmen wore full suits with gold ties. In the photos, we look like two separate weddings who stumbled on each other.

    Bride's family was super conservative and didn't drink alcohol. Their church did not allow it on church property. Groom was basically still a frat boy (he legit worked for his fraternity for a year after graduation) and couldn't stand the no alcohol rule. He got wasted in the parking lot before the ceremony and during the reception, like we didn't know all of the groomsmen had full flasks of whiskey. I mean, I totally spiked my drink from one of the groomsmen's flasks, but I didn't get trashed or flaunt it.

    We had all spent considerable money being part of this wedding (bridesmaid dresses, travel, hotels, etc), and agreed that if she called it off, we would happily eat the cost of everything and just be happy that she didn't marry him. But no, she said she couldn't call off the wedding since everyone knew they were getting married and had already arrived. Ugggg. I've never seen a bride's parents look so miserable as their daughter got married. And her dad performed the ceremony.

    They lasted officially almost 4 years, but she left him maybe a year before that an moved into her own place. She was supporting him through law school, and he treated her like sh*t. Wouldn't let her meet his friends, occasionally hit her if she questioned him about something. We found his dating profiles online, which were absolutely wild. Her super conservative Christian parents offered to get her a divorce lawyer.

    And his family took her side in the divorce.

    Telltale sign they would regret it?
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    Take All The Time You Need I Guess

    From Redditor u/brighteyes82:

    The bride showed up late to her own wedding, crying and needing to compose herself because she just said goodbye to the other guy she was seeing.

    It lasted maybe six months.

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    A Quick Ending

    From Redditor u/RobertDentist:

    While getting up the stairs, the groom stepped on the bride’s gown, she turned and slapped him and called him blind. He turned the other way and left.

    Telltale sign they would regret it?
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    What A Day

    From Redditor u/hokeyWB:

    The groom had his car stolen on the morning of the wedding and spent the whole day swearing and punching inanimate objects because, as we all heard a thousand times that day, not only was it "the most important thing in his life" it also wasn't insured.

    The wedding was at a boy scout hall, for no apparent reason... and the reception was in the cafeteria at one of those Underwater World places with the glass tunnel, but no one was allowed to go see the fish because, get this, the whole day had a Lion King theme.

    Then towards the end of the night the bride beat one of the bridesmaids half to death because she caught her f*cking a groomsman who she tearfully admonished for "cheating on her'.

    I have no idea how long the marriage lasted for, I never saw or heard from them again.

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