Weddings People Describe Weddings Where The Bride And Groom Didn't Make It Down The Aisle  

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These wedding disaster stories from Reddit range from the standard "groom got too drunk" situation to brides cheating with the best friend to full-on wedding brawls that end in torn up wedding certificates. In each of these wedding fails, the couple in question didn't end up actually getting married, which really seems like it was for the best.

Wedding disasters have an almost mythical status because we all know how much time, money, and work goes into a wedding. Many imagine that weddings are fairytale beginnings to a new chapter of life – but what if the bride has been secretly sleeping with a bartender who's twice her age? Or the groom is a raging alcoholic who feels comfortable acting horribly in front of all of his friends and family? No number of peony bouquets or cute photo booths can smooth that type of drama over.

These are the types of weddings you'd never forget. Look over this list of weddings where the couple didn't get married and vote up the disasters you wish you witnessed with your own eyes.

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Cool Dad Alert

From BigOldCar:

"I was talking with a DJ who told me of a wedding he did. Gets all the way into the reception and it's time to cut the cake. The groom mashes the cake into the bride's face, and she is LIVID. She turns red, screams at him, and SLAPS him across the face so hard it sounds like a gunshot and it echoes across the reception hall. Everyone gasps and gets quiet. She storms off.

A little while later, the father of the bride comes up to the DJ and hands him $500. He says, 'Listen, this marriage... is over. She's actually left the building. But I've paid for this party and all my family and friends are here. I want you to finish out the night and finish it strong, keep the music playing and don't mention the two of them again for the rest of the night.' He agrees and everyone has a grand ol' time."

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The Wedding Turned Brawl

From Iarwain_ben_Adar:

"A friend of mine asked me to go to her cousin's wedding as her date, her cousin was the bride to be.

The ceremony seemed to go well, except the groom fidgeting, looking about, and wearing an almost hostile expression on his face. Seemed odd, but I assumed it was nerves.

He and the bride said their vows, standard protestant Christian stuff, but they added a stomping of a glass, at the end, for some reason.

Once the priest got to the 'I pronounce you...' the groom didn't wait for the 'kiss the bride' part, grabbed the bride and rather abruptly turned her and himself around the face the audience.

He then started yelling at the people on her side of the aisle, that she was his now and they should give up any thought of ever seeing her again.

The bride attempted to protest, or calm him down, not certain which, but when she tried to say something, he backhanded her hard enough to knock her off of the dais.

This all happened in a few seconds and everyone in the audience was stunned.

Just as we started to react, the priest proceeded to land a solid punch on the groom's face, flattening his nose with a notable crunch.

The groom kinda crumpled, people in the audience were yelling at each other, trying to push, shove, help one person or another up, but in all of this the priest calmly reached over to the podium, took what I assume to be their marriage certificate, and tore it into tiny pieces.

He then tried to calm things down, but the scene was chaos, and looked to be turning into a brawl. My friend and some others helped the bride to get out of there, I simply tried to keep anyone from running up on them, not knowing who was on which side, and cover their exit.

Once outside, we got the bride into a car with her mum and my friend, so they could leave, and I made haste to my car.

I learned, a few days later that the groom was arrested, breaking into the bride's house, using a shotgun as a lock-pick, and trashing her house looking for her.

The marriage was not recorded by the official/priest, so at least the bride didn't have to go through the trouble of getting a divorce.

I declined wedding invites for some time after that."

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If This Isn't A Huge Red Flag Then What Is?

From derf-vega:

"The groom got really drunk and hit his fiancée in the face in front of everyone. I was young and didn't really get what was going on, I just remember my uncle laying the groom out with one punch."

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Can You Imagine How Fun It Would Be To Be A Guest At This Wedding??

From br0wnb0y:

"This happened in Kolkata and my dad was present (we live in Canada). The couple had been introduced to each other and after like six months of hanging out and getting to know each other they got engaged. They had known each other for almost a year up to this point. These are well off people who are upper income range so it's not the village or anything, just to set the tone correctly.

There had been events the day before the actual wedding ceremony, which about 500+ people attended and of course people talk, hence word got out...

The evening of the wedding a group of people showed up and literally blocked the street so the groom couldn't come to the wedding venue.

The groom had been banging (dating) a female of said blockade family under the promise of getting married. Even introducing himself to her parents and family, planning a future date for his parents to meet hers. Mind you all (500+) the guests had arrived and witnessed this.

For about an hour there was a stand off and the information got back to the venue/bride and her family and they called off the wedding. The guests were half in shock, half trying to eat and drink as much as they could before the inevitable cancellation happened.

The bride's family actually took the matter to court (expenses of the wedding and such) and the guy settled out of court with them. As well they (the bride and her parents) personally went out and returned all the gifts they received... my dad didn't allow them to (return the gifts he had given them) and told her to keep them all, due to the circumstances."

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