Someone Tweeted "Weed Does Not Impair You," And People Have Been Hilariously Proving Him Wrong

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Never bring a knife to a gunfight, and never argue with the weed-loving community on their drug of choice. The following funny Tweets about being high are actually brilliant replies to "WEED DOES NOT IMPAIR YOU," a now legendary Tweet by young Hoosier TROLLGAWDD

The best responses to "WEED DOES NOT IMPAIR YOU" are documented, scientific proof that weed DOES, in fact, impair you. Some of history's most legendary figures can tell you that much – even if they didn't yet have the means to cover up the smell.

The following funny stoner replies on Twitter can help tide you over until the next 4/20 rolls around. So, pop in your favorite stoner flick and vote up the best responses.