Weed Industry Facts That Might Surprise You

Since the legalization of weed began in the mid-'90s, the industry of legal pot has grown exponentially. Four states allow recreational purchases of weed, with a number of others that either allow for medical sales or have decriminalized small amounts. Because of that, pot industry jobs are more numerous than ever, and tax revenues are growing by the day.

But even with legalization, there's a lot about the industry of which many people aren't aware. For one thing, most people don't realize how truly enormous legal pot has gotten. The industry is worth billions, and could be as big as the NFL within a few years. But even so, some states still have harsh penalties for possessing even small amounts. And even with recreational weed being legal, medical pot still outsells it because of taxes.

Here are some interesting facts about legal pot that you might not have known - or maybe you did, but were too stoned to remember.