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How You're Spending the Weekend, According To Your Zodiac Sign

Cheers to the freakin' weekend. When Friday rolls around, everyone packs up their bags just a little bit earlier and heads out to enjoy a couple days of freedom. Your ideal weekend plans, however, may not match up with someone else's. While you're ready to lay on the couch and turn into the equivalent of a bear in hibernation for two days straight, Sally from HR has an 8-mile hike planned that she hasn't stopped talking about since Monday. 

Whether you're the sleeper or the hiker, there's no need to feel bad about your weekend plans anymore. Why? Because they're not under your control. You may think you're choosing to throw that dinner party, but in reality, it's just your zodiac sign controlling all your choices, as usual. 

Keep reading to discover your weekend plans by zodiac and determine if your weekend is controlled by you, or by the stars.

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    Life is so hard for Leo. At least, they seem to think it is. They're used to being pampered and showered in affection. But after a week of everyone fawning over them, they really could use some R&R.

    A spa day is the perfect weekend activity for Leos. Not only are they the center of the world during their spa treatments, but they can also put their dramatic side to good use as they complain about the many difficulties of their week. They'll emerge refreshed, rejuvenated, and ready to assume their status as king or queen of the jungle (and the social scene) once again. 

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    Virgos abide by the "all work and no play" approach. They're practical and kind, but highly critical. They obsess over each task in front of them, struggling to step away and just take some time for themselves. As such, you can often find a Virgo working on the weekend as they try to finish "one last project" that's never their last.

    Eventually, a Virgo will burn out and be forced into relaxation mode out of sheer exhaustion. Until then, however, you can almost always find them at the office or working from home as they refine details that no one else cares about. 

  • Libras are obsessed with balance and harmony, not only in their internal being but also in the world around them. They want to experience total peace and fulfillment, so their weekends are often spent hiking.

    Libra loves exploring new environments, getting out into nature, and escaping from the stress waiting for them back at home. However, they always need a partner on their hikes. Too much time alone makes Libra a little mad. With someone by their side, they can spend all day exploring and soaking in the peaceful environment of nature. 

  • Scorpio (October 23-November 21): Going Out To Exclusive Clubs 

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    Calm, cool, and collected - that's pretty much everything you can expect from a Scorpio. Although it's difficult to know the true personality of this mysterious sign, their aloof but friendly behavior attracts all kinds of people. They're often surrounded by interesting friends, many of whom consider them to be the coolest person they've ever come into contact with.

    Given their generally high social status, Scorpio frequents some of the hottest, most exclusive clubs around town on the weekend. Their strong resourcefulness gets them through the door, and they love these exclusive spots because they can hide from the rest of the world and enjoy some semblance of privacy.

    Scorpios love the prestige and seclusion of elite clubs. The social aspect is just a bonus. It's just like a Scorpio to choose a weekend activity that's shrouded in mystery but totally intriguing.