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How You're Spending the Weekend, According To Your Zodiac Sign

Updated November 6, 2019 1.4k views12 items

Cheers to the freakin' weekend. When Friday rolls around, everyone packs up their bags just a little bit earlier and heads out to enjoy a couple days of freedom. Your ideal weekend plans, however, may not match up with someone else's. While you're ready to lay on the couch and turn into the equivalent of a bear in hibernation for two days straight, Sally from HR has an 8-mile hike planned that she hasn't stopped talking about since Monday. 

Whether you're the sleeper or the hiker, there's no need to feel bad about your weekend plans anymore. Why? Because they're not under your control. You may think you're choosing to throw that dinner party, but in reality, it's just your zodiac sign controlling all your choices, as usual. 

Keep reading to discover your weekend plans by zodiac and determine if your weekend is controlled by you, or by the stars.

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    Not only is Aries the most competitive of all the zodiac signs, they also have an endless amount of energy. While some signs firmly believe the weekend is made for relaxing, Aries is unwilling to sit still, even for a day.

    Aries' weekends are dominated by rec league sports, which they happily participate in year-round. It's all fun and games for some team members, but Aries is in it to win it. They show up bright-eyed and bushy-tailed for every game, ready to put their competitive spirit to good use.

    Who cares if they don't get to relax on the weekend? In the mind of an Aries, something aggressive and active is way more fun, anyway. 

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    Although Taurus is generally considered reliable and responsible, they also have a deeply materialistic side. They're not shallow or vain; they simply enjoy the finer things in life. They'll spend their weekends indulging their need to be surrounded by beauty.

    Whether it's yet another trip to their favorite museum or an exciting outing to a local art show, Taurus relishes the opportunity to embrace their artistic side. They walk around slowly, moving at their own pace, and really take in each piece. While some people might dub them pretentious, Taurus knows their weekly excursions are just a natural part of their creative, material-loving nature.

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    Despite their confusing twin personalities, Geminis are actually a lot of fun. Catch them on a good day and you'll quickly realize that they're social, talkative, and hungry for entertainment. Although their moody side comes to the surface on occasion, they're more known for their versatile, fun-loving nature that's always seeking new experiences. 

    Since they crave amusement, Gemini's preferred weekend activity is going to see a show. They'll recruit a large group, plan a dinner beforehand, and force everyone to stick around for a nightcap afterward, transforming a simple show into a social evening. One thing's for certain: Gemini's weekend will never be boring. At least, not until they run out of shows to see. 

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    Cancer is the ultimate homebody. Although their social life is important to them, they're just as happy to sit on the couch all day and indulge in the creature comforts around them. Cancers aren’t above a weekend spent binge-watching their favorite new TV show. In fact, it's their preferred method of relaxation.

    Cancers see no need to leave the house and test their sensitive emotions outside of their comfort zone. If people want to hang out, they can come join the binge-watching party. If not, Cancer will happily spend all day wrapped in blankets, eating good food, and generally enjoying the peace of being at home before they have to pull themselves out of their shell and return to work on Monday.