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Freaky Facts We Learned This Week That Made Us Sleep With The Lights On

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Every week, Graveyard Shift scours the internet for creepy things that might keep you up at night. Last week, it was unexplained disappearances, creepy radio stations, and the long and strange journey of one man's severed head. This week, it's deathbed confessions, a ghost submarine, and a little girl's tragic disappearance.

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    Deathbed Confessions

    In 1993, Donna Spangler fell to her death when her husband Robert pushed her off the edge of the Grand Canyon. The police did not have enough evidence to convict him, and Donna's death was ruled accidental. 

    Years later, as he was about to succumb to cancer, Robert confessed to taking not just Donna's life, but also those of his first wife, his daughter, and his son.

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  • Photo: Candyman / TriStar Pictures

    The Real-Life Candyman

    In Candyman (1992), a woman living in a Chicago housing project named Ruthie Jean calls the police in a panic, claiming someone is coming through her bathroom mirror and attempting to take her life. Her call for help is more or less neglected by authorities, and she is later found deceased on her apartment floor.

    This was based on the real-life case of Ruthie Mae McCoy, who was found shot multiple times in her Chicago housing project apartment days after having called 911 to report someone coming through her bathroom medicine cabinet.

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    Australia's Awful Arachnids

    Funnel-web spiders have extremely strong and sharp fangs, and they've been known to bite through fingernails and soft shoes.

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    The Disappearance Of Asha Degree

    Following a blackout on Valentine's Day of 2000, 9-year-old Asha Degree got out of bed sometime after 2:30 am, packed some clothes in her schoolbag, and walked out of her house alone, into cold and rainy weather. She was last seen around 4 am. Several passing drivers claimed to have spotted her walking along the highway about a mile from her home, but when one pulled over to help her, he said she ran off into the woods.

    She seemingly left home of her own free will, prompting theories that she ran away or that someone lured her out, but there's no official answer for why she left her home that night, and she has been missing ever since.

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