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10 Unsettling Facts We Learned This Week That Gave Us The Shivers

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Almost every week, Graveyard Shift scours the internet for off-putting, unsettling, or downright creepy things that might keep you up at night. Last time, it was deathbed confessions, a ghost submarine, and a little girl's tragic disappearance. This week, it's prehistoric monsters, human experiments, and not-so-fun facts about The Texas Chainsaw Massacre.

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    The Monster Study

    In 1939, the University of Iowa conducted an experiment in which scientists relentlessly criticized every imperfection in the speech of 22 children (10 of whom were orphans) for six months straight. This was meant to test if stuttering could be induced by psychological pressure.

    Although none of the children developed a stutter, they did develop other psychological problems that went on to last a lifetime. The incident has since been dubbed "The Monster Study."

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    Medicating With Alcohol

    Photo: The Life Zone / Viva Video

    From the late 1960s to the early '80s (before fetal alcohol syndrome was widely understood or recognized) pure alcohol was often administered as a treatment to stop preterm labor. In late stages of pregnancy, alcohol could be given intravenously in large amounts, sometimes continuing long after the mother had passed out.

    Those who reacted badly to the treatment (suffering vomiting, headaches, hangovers, and general intoxication) would even be strapped down to their hospital beds to make them more "manageable." 

    Even worse, later studies found that, in addition to the harm this method caused to the fetus and mother, it also had no more effect on preventing preterm labor than a placebo.

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    A Harrowing Pattern Of Paternity

    There's a surprisingly widespread issue in the medical world of fertility doctors using their own sperm to impregnate clients with neither their knowledge nor consent. It's such a common problem that some states have had to introduce legislation to make this act a crime, or to allow victims to seek justice. 

    One fertility doctor who engaged in such fraud was even thought to have fathered more than 70 children in his career - without any of the mothers' knowledge.

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    Terror Underground

    Photo: Alameda County Sheriff's Office / Wikimedia Commons / CC BY-SA 4.0

    In 1976 Chowchilla, CA, three men kidnapped a bus driver and 26 children, then held them captive in a small moving truck underground. The men intended to hold their targets for ransom.

    Fortunately, after approximately 16 terrifying hours spent in the cramped space, fearing that the ceiling would cave in or that they'd run out of air, the children and driver were able to dig themselves out of the underground prison and escape.