16 Gruesome Weightlifting Injuries You Can't Unsee

Serious weightlifters are equal parts impressive and terrifying. The amounts these people can lift are simply superhuman, and it can leave you wondering how they're not horribly injured by it. Unfortunately, of course, sometimes they are. As you can imagine, the injuries are some of the most gruesome around. Some of the worst weightlifter injuries involve broken bones, dislocations, and of course lots and lots of screaming. These shocking accidents can sometimes even result in the deaths of weightlifters themselves, so be warned that what you're about to see is graphic and downright horrifying.

To be clear, these lifting accidents are not the norm. With good spotters, proper form, and smart training, weight lifting can be very safe. That being said, when things do manage to go wrong, the results can be deadly.

So, if you think football injuries and hockey injuries are bad, take a deep breath. These are some of the worst weightlifting injuries (or injuries generally) that you're ever going to witness.