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18 Terrifying Children's Toys Inspired By The Movie 'Alien'

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It’s common for manufacturers to produce toy lines for blockbuster films. Just think of all the money George Lucas and company have raked in over the years from Star Wars action figures. But Star Wars is a family-friendly franchise. Unlike, say, Alien, which started with an R-rated paranoia horror picture about the crew of a mining vessel being brutally murdered by an organism described as the perfect killing machine. Given this context, you might not expect all the surprising toys inspired by the Alien films. Beginning with Ridley Scott’s 1979 original, all of the movies in the Alien franchise have been rated R and are extremely terrifying. However, even if kids are not allowed to see the films, they can play with movie-accurate Alien toys.

The look of the Xenomorph (the titular alien) has changed over time, though remains the stuff of nightmares. Considered one of the greatest movie monsters of all time, the Xenomorph inspired hundreds of Alien action figures ("What do you want for Christmas, Timmy?" "The perfect killing machine!"). Alien toys take on different physical forms of the Xenomorph life, from egg to adult.

Check out all the horrifying and weird Alien movie toys in our list below. Also, be sure to vote for your favorite terrifying toys from the Alien franchise.

  • The facehugger is the second stage in the life cycle of a Xenomorph. The creature attaches itself to a host's mouth in order to complete the process of implanting a parasitic embryo into the host's stomach. You may recall the horrifying scene in which a facehugger latches onto Kane's (John Hurt) face right before the iconic chestburster scene in Alien. This Micro Bust measures at 7'' tall and captures the gory details of this horrifying life stage. Perfect for any mantle or bedside table. 

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    Long live the queen. This frightening Xenomorph Queen stands over 15'' tall and is 30'' long. The action figure has a poseable tail, but its most intriguing feature is that the Red Queen has two inner mouths, rather than the usual one. The she-beast can be found in the 1993 novelization of the comic book series "Aliens: Genocide." 

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    This Dog Alien action figure is inspired by the sleek, stylized look of the Xenomorphs in the video game made for Alien 3. It has an extendable inner mouth and bendable tail, stands at 10'' tall, and has a two-toned paint coating that is brown on one side and blue on the other side.

  • Photo: Kenner

    In 1979, Kenner released an incredibly detailed, film-accurate, poseable Alien doll that featured a mechanically-operated mouth. The product was targeted to kids, despite the fact that Alien was an R-Rated film. Unfortunately, for Kenner, as soon as the product hit shelves, parents complained it was much too terrifying for young children. Sales of the toy were less than stellar, and the company pulled the product from stores. Be sure to check out a commercial for the toy, in which two children attempt to escape the alien as a third, far more sinister child, cackles and tells them "Alien can't be stopped."