Mysteries The Most Mysterious Military Facilities in the United States  

Christopher Myers
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The US government has plenty of secrets. Sometimes these secrets leak to the public, a little bit at a time. From such fragmented information, conspiracy theories develop. These strange US military facilities are like lightning rods for conspiracies. Unmarked helicopters patrol the skies, cameras film everything, and guests are kept under the closest scrutiny. Visitors can be sure they will only see what base personnel want them to see.

The common thread in these mysterious military facilities is that they operate in total secrecy. Often, it takes 50 or more years for their information to be declassified, if the documents are ever made public. Furthermore, there is no way to know if the public is being told a partial truth or the whole truth.

There are some things of which we can be certain. These secret American military facilities have been responsible for creating powerful and strange weapons. They have advanced technology, beyond what people know to exist. These are spy centers, testing ranges, and development labs. These are the places that are built to survive the end of the world.

Check out these weird US military bases and the crazy stories that go along with them. You might learn something, or even stumble upon a mystery bigger than you could possibly have imagined.

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Raven Rock Mountain Complex

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Also known as Site R, Raven Rock Mountain Complex is an underground bunker designed to be the US Command center in the event of WWIII, as a backup for the Pentagon. Located near Blue Ridge Summit, PA, the facility is built into a mountain, and designed to withstand a nuclear blast. It is entirely self-sufficient, with two power plants, multiple underground water reservoirs, and a sophisticated ventilation system.

It can operate for 30 days with no access to the outside world, and can accommodate 3,000 people.

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Mount Weather

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Mount Weather is a top secret site that serves as the backup site for the National Operations Center, run by the Department of Homeland Security. During the September 11, 2001 attacks, Vice President Cheney was transported to Mount Weather. The subterranean facility has been operated by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) since 1979, but has been in service for much longer than that.

It was first revealed to the public in 1974, when an airplane crashed nearby. Reporters covering the crash were prevented from getting close to the facility.

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Dugway Proving Ground

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Dugway Proving Ground is the main Army base for testing biological and chemical weapons. Located in the middle of nowhere in western Utah, the facility is roughly the size of Rhode Island, and divided into two sections. The northern part is operated by the Army, the southern portion controlled by the Air Force. The southern section has a runway large enough to land a space shuttle, leading conspiracy theorists to believe extraterrestrial research is taking place at the base.

According to Dr. Steven M. Greer, who studies extraterrestrial activity, scientists at Dugway are reverse-engineering captured alien technology.

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Fort Meade NSA Headquarters

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Fort Meade, MD, is the headquarters of the mysterious National Security Agency (NSA). Nicknamed the No Such Agency, the NSA is tasked with surveillance and code breaking. The organization answers to the Director of National Intelligence, and is so secretive even their budget is classified. The NSA began as a radio interception and code breaking agency in the first and second World Wars, and in the 21st century monitors massive amounts of information being transmitted over the Internet daily.

In 2013, Edward Snowden leaked a series of documents proving the NSA spies on American citizens.

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