Non-Americans Describe The Weirdest Things About America

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Ah, America: the land of the free and the home of the brave... and a bunch of other weird stuff. We searched the internet to find out what things non-Americans were most confused by during their stay in our fine country. As it turns out, we do some pretty weird things. Our everyday lives are filled with things that shock, impress, and downright confuse our fellow man. It has become pretty clear that "America" is not synonymous with "reason".

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    5,553 votes

    "Advertisements for prescription drugs."

    Not to mention the lists of possible side effects
  • 2
    4,732 votes

    "All the ads for lawyers."

    On TV, billboards, and even park benches!
  • 3
    4,357 votes

    "Doors on toilet stalls, what is it with all the gaps?"

    The better to see you with, my dear... (But why? Here are 9 very good reasons why bathroom stall doors don't touch the floor.)

  • 4
    5,227 votes

    "Sales tax being added at checkout."

  • 5
    4,057 votes

    "The size of (non alcoholic) drinks.

    Thirst: we got it.
  • 6
    3,763 votes

    "Asking strangers 'How are you?' without expecting an actual answer."

    The answer you're looking for is "fine." You're fine.