Weird Nature

Products That Most People Don't Realize Have Animal Byproducts In Them

Unless you pay super close attention to every ingredient included in everything you use or consume, it's likely that you're regularly indulging in some pretty gnarly things with animal byproducts included in them. These products aren't always listed as plain as day, so unless you know every cruelty-free product on the planet, it's hard to tell which items are actually concocted from strange animal products. From meat-packing industry waste to actual human hair, these animal parts slip under the radar and into your hands, mouths, and even clothing in the most gut-wrenchingly devious ways. 

While products like gelatin might be commonly known to be derived from animal parts, the surprising things that contain animal products go way beyond the jiggly collagen mass that gelatin creates. Surprise animal products such as sugars, laundry detergent, crayons, and even foods like bread and orange juice have ground up and liquidated human and animal matter regularly used to create them or added to them as a primary ingredient.