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The Weirdest Anime Shows of All Time

You might be asking why we created a list of weird anime, since most anime series are already weird. Well to put it simply, some are weirder than others. Here's our ranked list of the weirdest anime of all time, including both older and new anime series that you can find on Netflix. Just because these shows are weird as hell doesn't mean they aren't watchable. Shows on this list include very good anime like Soul Eater, Kill la Kill, and Gurren Lagann. Some shows on this list are strange because of the odd character designs or humor, while others are more psychologically strange, like Satoshi Kon's Paranoia Agent. Others are just legitimately WTF anime, such as Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo (even the name of the show is weird.) Vote for the shows below that you've seen based on how weird they are, not how good they are. You're voting for what you believe to be the strangest, most WTF anime on this list, not the one that you like the most.
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