The Most Awkward Movies to Watch with Your Parents

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Vote up the most uncomfortable films to watch with your mom and dad - only real movies that you might accidentally watch with them!

There are certain obvious types of movies you don't want to watch with your parents. There are times, however, when a seemingly innocuous movie slips into the multiplex or Netflix queue, and you end up seeing an awkward movie with your parents. It happens and it is traumatic.

Just imagine seeing Magic Mike with your mom: there is zero good that can come out of that. Be they movies with gross-out humor or a lot of skin, these are the weird movies to watch with your parents that you might want to avoid. Just because your friends or the internet are abuzz with a movie does not mean you should watch it with your parents, be sure to check to this list to see if it is a movie you should not watch with mom and dad.

What are the weirdest films to watch with your parents? What are some movies you don't want to see with your mom? If you can think of any other movies it would suck to watch with your parents, make sure to add them to this list of awkward choices, just so that other people don't make the mistake of watching Secretary with their folks. You're doing the public a service, friend.

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