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People Reveal Their Weird And Shameful Bathroom Habits

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People are sharing their weird bathroom habits on reddit and it is fascinating. Given the fact that most of us learn everything we know about bathroom etiquette when we are three to five years old, it isn't surprising that adults have all sorts of weird pooping habits and showering customs that they just sort of... do, without question. The restroom is obviously a very private place, so we don't often get to experience or even know about the funny things people do in bathrooms. (Unless you have a live-in boyfriend who goes with the door open and does things like comment on his poop color... in which case you deserve an award and maybe you should run the other way.) 

You probably know that bathrooms in other countries are different, but you may be surprised at how foreign the interior bathroom landscape is here in your own country. People are getting completely naked to go number two, some guy is eating corndogs in the shower, a girl is imagining the Queen of England every time she sits on the toilet. There are power stances and topless dances and people who count to 30 every time they wipe. It's wild. 

So take a look at this list of strange bathroom habits and leave a comment with the weird things you do when you're on the toilet by yourself.

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