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14 Insane Facts About The Bay Of Pigs, The CIA's Most Half-Assed Disaster Op

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Nothing epitomizes the disastrous Cuba policy of the United States better than the abortive, three-day, failed Bay of Pigs invasion conducted by anti-Castro Cuban exiles in April 1962. In the annals of half-assed CIA operations, this debacle ranks close to the top of the list of Agency disasters. Although he had no personal involvement in the snafu, Che Guevara eventually thanked an American government official at a South American diplomatic affair for providing such a colossally unifying blunder.

Because of the hostility generated within the CIA and the paranoia it engendered in the Castro regime, the Bay of Pigs invasion propagated numerous JFK assassination conspiracy theories. It also emboldened the USSR and Cuba to bring the entire world to the brink of nuclear catastrophe with the subsequent Cuban missile crisis. Small wonder Castro and Khrushchev had little regard for a government that involved itself in the following insane Bay of Pigs stories and blunders. Behold one of the most notorious CIA disasters of all time. 

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