These Weird Beauty Items Might Look Strange On Your Vanity, But They'll Step Up Your Makeup Game

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They say that beauty is pain, but with these strange beauty products, beauty is peculiar. 

In the never-ending quest for perfectly smooth, hydrated, and glowing skin, beauty junkies have stumbled across some seriously weird beauty products - take, for instance, the silk cocoon “fingerballs” that are about to take the place of your old washcloth or the anti-aging device that looks more like a modern art sculpture. But, as with everything, beauty is in the eye of the beholder with these strange beauty gadgets. They might not look cute in your bathroom cabinet, but damn, do they get the job done.

Get ready to add some odd beauty regimens to your daily routine. These are the weirdest beauty products that actually work!

  • Dr. Jart Shake + Shot Rubber Modeling Mask
    Photo: Amazon

    Dr. Jart's Shake + Shot Rubber Modeling Mask may look like a milkshake, but it's actually so much sweeter: it's a DIY mask that leaves your skin soft, supple, and bright.

    Here's how it works: Each Shake Mask comes with two packets of ingredients you combine in the cup, stir with the straw, and shake up. The result is rubber modeling clay that forms to your face to deliver beautifying ingredients, then peels right off. It definitely deserves a spot in your next #shelfie!

  • Tweexy Wearable Nail Polish Holder
    Photo: Amazon

    This ring doesn't make a great fashion statement, but it will probably change your life by making your at-home manis so much easier. Just slip Tweexy's Wearable Nail Polish Holder on your fingers, position your polish bottle in the middle, and get to painting those nails! 

    The sturdy design ensures there will be no spills, no mess, and no fuss.

  • Natural Silk Cocoon Facial Cleanser Balls
    Photo: Amazon

    These 100% silk "cocoons" won't look as simple and chic on your bathroom sink as a stack of cotton pads, but they will keep your skin cleaner and softer. Just slip a cocoon onto your fingertip, and use it to massage in your favorite cleanser, exfoliator, or makeup remover. The silk is much more gentle on your skin than a cotton pad or wash cloth, and it actually has moisturizing properties itself. 

  • Sdara Derma Roller MicroNeedles
    Photo: Amazon

    Medieval torture device? Only a little bit. Derma Rollers (or MicroNeedles) are a strange new beauty phenomenon that utilize thin needles to help serums absorb more effectively into the skin, leaving your face brighter, clearer, and younger-looking.

    After applying your nightly serum, lightly roll the micro-needles over your face in a specific rolling pattern, covering your cheeks, forehead, chin, and nose (keep this away from your eyes!). Your serum will soak in like never before, and while your face may look a little red immediately after, you'll wake up with a glow you didn't know was possible.

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    Magnetic Masks
    Photo: Amazon

    Magnetic masks may not be the most glamorous-looking face masks (in other words, you won't want to post a #SelfCareSunday selfie wearing one of these), but you should definitely have one in your beauty repertoire. A magnetic mask - made with Dead Sea mud infused with iron particles - is wet at first, but after you smooth the formula onto your skin, it dries right up.

    To remove the mask, wave the magnetic wand over your face to pick up all the iron particles (along with any dirt or impurities that were sitting on the surface). This creates a micro-current in the skin which restores function to aging cells and helps the skin repair itself, leading to super-clean, younger-looking skin.

  • Voya Lazy Days Seaweed Bath
    Photo: Voya

    If you're bored with bath salts, then Voya's Lazy Days Seaweed Bath is for you. Basically, it's a bag of dried seaweed you add to your bathwater. When the seaweed comes into contact with water, it re-hydrates and springs back to life, releasing its "alginate properties" that soothe, moisturize, and repair skin.

    Squeezing the hydrated seaweed will release more gel to keep your skin hydrated. If you do decide to take a seaweed bath, be careful getting out of the tub - the seaweed gel can make things very slippery!