Crazy Beauty Products You Definitely Don't Need

We all want to look our best, but trust us: You definitely don't need any of the crazy beauty products on this list. Just because celebs rave about $2,000 Creme de la Mer or a brand promises that hundreds tiny needles and infrared light are the secret to glowing skin, that doesn't mean you have to stab yourself or sell your firstborn to look beautiful.

From $200 hair brushes to Swarovski crystal-studded tweezers, our list is full of weird, useless, or crazy expensive beauty products you shouldn't be tempted to buy. And by "weird," we mean really weird... like rubbing placenta on your face weird. We've got some pointless makeup products too, like gold-laden fake lashes and perfume that probably costs more than your first car. Sure, we wouldn't mind too terribly if someone bought these for us, but we're definitely not gonna drop our hard earned cash on these weird and dumb beauty buys. 

Upvote the weirdest product you've ever heard of. And if you feel like buying us some face cream with caviar or black sea algae, feel free.