17 Of The Weirdest Bird Beaks Found In Nature

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One of the most distinctive parts of a bird is its beak and, man, some strange bird beaks exist in the world's skies. Each species rocks their own weird bird beak distinct from any other, the result of millions of years of evolution carefully crafted into impressive appendages suitable for numerous environments and niches. They effectively act as a bird’s main tool, quite amazing considering you only use your mouth for eating, breathing, and talking. Birds however, with their strange, specific bodies, use their beaks for fighting, grooming, nest building, killing prey, and even for courtship rituals. Talk about bang for your beak.

Because birds have adapted to nearly every biome imaginable, strange bird beaks come in all manner of unusual shapes and sizes based on their area, diet, and lifestyle. While some birds sport vibrant beaks that match their colorful selves, other scary bird beaks give their owners the face of a cartoon villain. Some beaks even out-measure the bird in terms of length! With their wide range of designs, weird bird beaks only further demonstrate mother nature's wandering aesthetic eye.

Photo: Basa Roland / Wikimedia Commons / CC-BY-SA 3.0