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'Black Mirror' Easter Eggs And References You Totally Missed

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It’s become impossible to count all the times that Black Mirror has predicted the future. It seems every new season brings along terrifying new ways technology can be used against humanity. But Charlie Brooker and his gang of nerds aren’t just sitting around day-dreaming doomsday scenarios, they’re also figuring out how to link the episodes of their bleak science fiction series together. Many of the easter eggs in Black Mirror pass by so quickly that you don’t even realize you’ve seen a callback to a previous episode or a reference to another piece of mind-bending science fiction.

Counting all the references in Black Mirror is an unenviable task, but luckily that’s been taken care of for you. The references in Season 4 of Black Mirror tackle everything from classic writers to shots from the most popular science fiction franchise in history, and even hearken back to some of the best Black Mirror episodes. Keep reading to see if you managed to spot all of the Black Mirror hidden references, or if you saw something that everyone else missed. When you're done, you can also check out more shows like Black Mirror. 

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    The Car's Computer In 'Metalhead' Thumbs Its Nose At Fans

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    There isn't much levity in the Season 4 episode "Metalhead," but Charlie Brooker found a way to inject some semblance of a smile into the utterly apocalyptic 40 minutes. During a particularly tense scene where a doomed character is attempting to hack into a car, a message appears on the car's screen. It mocks anyone who pauses the episode to look for hidden messages:

    "LOADED: \BMS1E1.drivers.tna.pigpoke
    LOADED: \BMS1E2.drivers.15mm.bing.abi
    LOADED: \BMS1E3.drivers.tehoy.men
    LOADED: \BMS2E1.drivers.brb.attic
    LOADED: \BMS2E2.drivers.white.bear
    LOADED: \BMS2E3.drivers.waldo.mt
    LOADED: \BMS2E3.drivers.white.xmas
    LOADED: \WHY.did.you.bother
    LOADED: \PAUSING.this.you.freak."

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    A Newspaper Article In 'Crocodile' Pokes Fun At Super Fans

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    This easter egg proves that Charlie Brooker knows how closely people are watching Black Mirror – and that he thinks it's really weird. Sharp-eyed fans watching the Season 4 episode "Crocodile" noticed a message typed into an article that Mia reads:

    “Of course the real question is why anyone would pause what they’re watching just to read a sentence in a printed out newspaper article, says a voice in your head – before advising you to go and share this finding on Reddit.”

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    Prime Minister Callow's Story Is Told Throughout The Series

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    The very first episode of Black Mirror, "The National Anthem," follows Prime Minister Callow as he's forced to have televised sex with a pig in order to save the life of a member of the royal family. The episode ends with Callow being estranged from his wife, though he still has a job. But, if you've been paying attention to the never-ending news crawls on Black Mirror, then you've seen Callow's fate play out in a non-linear fashion. 

    In Season 3's "Shut Up and Dance," a website claims that Callow and his wife are getting a divorce. In the Season 4 closer "Black Museum," there's a newsreel that reads "PM Callow Marries Pig."

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    Aaron Paul And Kirsten Dunst Snuck Into 'USS Callister'

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    If you were trying to place the voice at the end of the Season 4 opener "USS Callister," you're not alone. When the crew of the Callister make it through the wormhole and escape evil nerd Daly, they run into "gamer691," an unseen player voiced by Aaron Paul.

    Charlie Brooker said that, after trying a few different accents, he realized he wanted someone who sounded like Jesse from Breaking Bad. Instead of trying to approximate Paul's voice, they just hired him

    In the same episode, Kirsten Dunst walks through one of the first shots in the Callister Inc. office. Dunst happened to be on set that day (she's engaged to star Jesse Plemons) and asked if she could make a quick appearance.

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