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Black Mirror Easter Eggs And References You Totally Missed  

Jacob Shelton
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It’s become impossible to count all the times that Black Mirror has predicted the future. It seems every new season brings along terrifying new ways technology can be used against humanity. But Charlie Brooker and his gang of nerds aren’t just sitting around day-dreaming doomsday scenarios, they’re also figuring out how to link the episodes of their bleak science fiction series together. Many of the easter eggs in Black Mirror pass by so quickly that you don’t even realize you’ve seen a callback to a previous episode or a reference to another piece of mind-bending science fiction.

Counting all the references in Black Mirror is an unenviable task, but luckily that’s been taken care of for you. The references in Season 4 of Black Mirror tackle everything from classic writers to shots from the most popular science fiction franchise in history, and even hearken back to some of the best Black Mirror episodes. Keep reading to see if you managed to spot all of the Black Mirror hidden references, or if you saw something that everyone else missed.

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Elena Uses An In-Universe Dating App In 'USS Callister'
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The Season 4 premiere "USS Callister" is basically an easter egg machine. When the audience is first thrust into the real world, they're taken to Callister Inc. There, they meet Elena, the company's receptionist. Not only is she busy using the dating app from the later episode "Hang the DJ," but her shade of nail polish is the same as her character's in-game skin.

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Fence's Pizza Delivery Appears Multiple Times Across Season 4
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Fence's Pizza pops up in Season 4's "USS Callister" and "Crocodile." In its first appearance, Fence's is your average pizza delivery company. However, in "Crocodile," it's moved onto automated delivery.

This dual appearance has lead many fans to latch onto the shared universe theory of the series.

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The Number 4 Is Incredibly Important To 'Hang The DJ'
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One of the sneakiest easter eggs in Season 4 happens during "Hang the DJ," the fourth episode of the season. At the 44 minute mark, Amy tells her "Coach" (a dating app that's kind of like Siri) to count to four. This sequence ends at 44:44, when Amy throws Coach into a swimming pool and the tablet skips four times.

In the words of Redditor TopSheff, "Wonder how much editing it took to squeeze that in."

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'Playtest' Was Inspired By A Critique Of The Show
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In an interview leading up to the release of Season 3 of Black Mirror, Charlie Brooker told Entertainment Weekly that the double twist ending of "Playtest" – an episode about a guy beta testing a VR game – was inspired by a negative tweet about his series. 

After reading the first treatment of the "Playtest" script, Brooker felt like it wasn't twisty enough:

"We were like, 'Hold on, what if we add in another thing? What if we add a phone call at the end?' I was partly amusing myself, because there’s a funny criticism of Black Mirror from Mallory Ortberg who wrote, 'Next on Black Mirror: What if phones, but too much?' And I thought: 'Right, that’s what I’m going to do. Let’s do that episode!'”

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