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Crazy Rap Rumors You Won't Believe Are Actually 100% True

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The music industry is not known for its subtlety. On the contrary, craziness abounds, and generally, fans go nuts over whatever wildness has dominated the headlines that day. Even so, the rap genre has its own special brand of over-the-top, jaw-dropping (or better yet, clenching) nuttiness from both underground rappers and the top rappers responsible for today's biggest hip hop hits.

Often, these wild but true rap rumors seem like they have to have been made up, but believe it or not, they all actually happened. The result is that fans and onlookers are treated to a double dose of entertainment. Not only do people get to love the music and artistry of these eccentric performers, but they get to revel in the kerfuffle that stars find themselves constantly caught up in.

From high-profile fights, to bitter jealousies and backstabbing, to drug-fueled nightmares that are nothing short of macabre, there are many rap rumors that are 100% true. Some are funny, a few are grotesque, and several are disturbing, but all these unbelievable stories from rappers are completely real.

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    Eminem Took On The Source…And Won

    Photo: Mika-photography / Wikimedia Commons / CC BY-SA 3.0

    Not everyone was thrilled with Eminem's meteoric rise to rap fame. One of his biggest detractors was Raymond "Benzino" Scott, a rapper and head of the once-monolithic rap magazine The Source.

    Benzino regularly roasted Eminem in the pages of the magazine, and Em took notice. In turn, Eminem wrote scathing, thinly-veiled lyrics about Benzino and The Source. There were threats of a lawsuit which eventually died down, and Benzino pulled up stakes and sold his share of the magazine.

    When Em received an award from The Source in 2002, he broke it onstage in front of 50,000 people. Ouch.

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    Big Lurch Cannibalized A Corpse

    Video: YouTube

    In April 2002, rapper Big Lurch (born Antron Singleton) was found in the street naked and covered in blood, high on PCP. Back at his house, the body of his friend, Tynisha Ysais, was discovered, torn open and partially devoured.

    When Singleton was examined at the hospital, doctors found pieces of human flesh in his stomach. Despite the evidence linking him to the crime, Singleton hatched a conspiracy theory and many fans believed in his innocence. The courts however, did not, and he is currently serving life in prison.

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    50 Cent Was Shot Nine Times

    Nine. No, that's not a typo, 50 Cent survived a mind-boggling nine gunshots. So, what happened exactly? While sitting in a car back in 2000, 50 was presumably minding his own business when Darryl 'Hommo' Baum allegedly drove up and shot him in the arm, chest, hand, hip, legs, and left cheek.

    The feud was reportedly about a 50 Cent song that talked about drug dealers in the neighborhood where 50 grew up. Oh, and he now has a piece of bullet permanently lodged in his mouth.

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    Christ Bearer Cut Off His Own Penis With A Steak Knife

    In April of 2014, rapper Christ Bearer (born Andre Johnson) cut off his own genitals with a steak knife. After the self-butchering, he jumped from the roof of a building.

    Andre Johnson survived, but his penis could not be reattached. He was under the influence of PCP during this entire chain of events.

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