The Weirdest (Real) Yankee Candle Scents in Existence

Our sense of smell has the power to evoke unbelievably strong memories, a single whiff sending us on a trip down a memory lane we had forgotten existed. Did you ever walk down a street in the neighborhood where you grew up and get a whiff from a restaurant you visited as a kid? Pretty soon you are flooded with memories. What better way to jog your memory with odors than in the form of a Yankee Candle? Fortunately, the candle company has all kinds of... unconventional scents, ready for any weird memories you might want to access! How about Man Town and Bunny Cake? Or maybe even Whiskers on Kittens?

What? You mean you don't know what these weird candle scents could possibly even smell like? Get on the Yankee bandwagon here, guys!

Yankee Candle has taken this sense of nostalgia (or just madness), melted it down, and jarred it for our homes. Because don't you want your home to be bathed in the fragrance of Ocean Star and Angel Wings? But where did all these Yankee Candle Scents come from?

It all started back in 1969 when a 16-year-old high school student didn't have enough money to buy his mom a Christmas present. Instead, the ingenious young man created a candle for his mom out of everyday items in his home, including household wax, a crayon, some string for a wick and a milk carton for a mold. A neighbor liked it so much that she convinced the boy to sell one to her, and Yankee Candle was born.

We understand why there are scented candles that smell like flowers, citrus, or vanilla, but how do you feel about ones that emit the scents of bacon, sea grass, two by fours (you know, like you buy at Home Depot) or... beer? There are so many weird candle scents that each room in your home could have its own signature strange scent! Read on and take a whiff of the craziest candles Yankee Candle has on the market. Which one is the weirdest? 

  • 1. Let The Taste Of Bavaria Waft Through Your Entire Home

    Let The Taste Of Bavaria Waft Through Your Entire Home
    Photo: Amazon
    501 votes
  • 2. What About Girls' Village?!

    What About Girls' Village?!
    Photo: Amazon
    447 votes
  • 3. Right, Copper, That Notably Great Smelling Element

    Right, Copper, That Notably Great Smelling Element
    Photo: Amazon
    336 votes
  • 4. Yeah, Sports!

    Yeah, Sports!
    Photo: Amazon
    426 votes
  • 5. Just Like Mom Used To Make!

    Just Like Mom Used To Make!
    Photo: Amazon
    409 votes
  • 6. Probably The Cutest Scent Of All Time

    Probably The Cutest Scent Of All Time
    Photo: Amazon
    442 votes