Carhub Presents: 10 Things About You That Might Determine What Car You Drive

Yes, correlation does not equal causation and surveys can be deeply flawed (check the sample size!). That said, there is some amazing (and amazingly silly) research out there on correlations that determine what car you drive. Linking car ownership to pets, relationships, technology, etc. - car companies, apparently, love surveys that reveal weird car correlations. Why? It helps them sell cars, of course!

What does your car really say about you? Nothing, probably, but it's still fun to read about crazy surveys, right? Don't take the results too seriously: some of these have pretty small sample sizes or are based on limited populations (Facebook users, Car Talk listeners, etc.). But make sure to use at least one of these to rile up your Top Gear-obsessed friends. Read on for some of the best random correlations about what car you drive.

  • The More Cats You Own, the More Likely You Are to Own a Subaru

    The More Cats You Own, the More Likely You Are to Own a Subaru
    Photo: biizz / flickr / CC-BY-NC-ND 2.0

    A survey of nationwide Car Talk listeners from April 2016 revealed that Scion drivers are most likely to be cat lovers. Specifically, they are most likely to be cat-only people instead of dog-only people or cat-and-dog people. Saturn, Toyota, and Mazda drivers weren’t too far behind.

    But when it comes to cat hoarding, Subaru owners have them beat, as the BestRide summary of the results reveals: “People who just casually live with cats may drive Toyotas and Mazdas, but as the number of cats increases, the more likely you become to own a car from Subaru.”

  • If You're Relationship Material, You Probably Drive a Nissan

    If You're Relationship Material, You Probably Drive a Nissan
    Photo: Ryan Housknecht / flickr / CC-BY-NC-ND 2.0

    See a Nissan parked in a Tinder profile pic? Swipe right! Cambridge University researchers determined in February 2016 that Nissan drivers are “generally seen as trusting, soft-hearted, generous and sympathetic.” Using psychometric data from 824 drivers, the study suggests that Nissan lovers may make better lovers, period, because they “are considerate and friendly, and think other people are honest and decent, as opposed to competitive and self-interested." (Your mileage may vary.)

  • Trump Supporters Are Dodge Fans

    Trump Supporters Are Dodge Fans
    Photo: durdaneta / flickr / CC-BY 2.0

    If you love the Don, you love the Dodge: Dodge owners support Donald Trump 50 percent more than the general population, according to a Car Talk/BestRide survey of 10,000 American drivers from February 2016. Toyota Prius owners go for Hillary, which is no surprise, but what’s crazy is that Republican Prius drivers were a whopping 126 percent more likely to support Ted Cruz at that time than the general population. The candidates with the cheapest supporters, based on car purchases, were Trump ($29,545 MSRP) and Bernie Sanders ($25,770 MSRP).

  • A Lot of Apple Fans Also Stunt for the Toyota Prius

    Gravity collected so-called Interest Graphs of 900,000 Prius fans and discovered that they are 13.6 times more likely to love Apple products than the rest of their global of users. They’re also 6.3 times more likely to be “concerned about sustainability” (sure), 2.5 times more likely to like yoga (makes sense), and 9.1 times more likely “to dig Tyler Perry” (why not?). Unsurprisingly, they’re slightly less interested in NASCAR and football. They are, however, a bit more interested in McDonald’s (1.3 times), because people are complicated, okay? The heart wants what the heart wants.