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The 29 Funniest Car Names Ever Coined

A list of car names that are funny, confusing, ridiculous, or downright inexplicable. In choosing names for cars, auto manufacturers can cleverly emphasize just what's cool about those cars, helping make them famous all over the world. Or they can create car names that accidentally make their autos infamous.

A lot of manufacturers these days have taken to the traditionally German and Japanese practice of throwing numbers and letters into a blender and slapping them on the fender; CTS-V, ATS, RX7, SLS, 335i, and QX50, for example. It's a cute trick, especially if you want to get around the embarrassment that inevitably comes with with errors in translation.

Most of the weirdest car names in the world came about for exactly that reason. Some of them are pure word salad, some are funny combinations of trim and option packages, and others just sound silly. But the best and funniest come from Asian and European exports whose names probably seemed like a great idea at one time, in one place, and among one particular group of people. Culture clash is always good for a laugh, at least until it becomes culture crash. Then, it's head-on right into the concrete wall of weirdness and infamy. Here's looking at you, Chevrolet Doesn't-Go.

What's in a name? Everything, especially if you miss the mark completely. That's exactly what happened to all the cars on this list. Vote for the funniest names ever applied to cars below!
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    Volugrafo Bimbo

    Photo: flickr / CC0
    Probably the most aggressively cute thing ever to leap from Saturday morning cartoons and into the bombed-out driveways of post-war Italian car buyers. It might look like a full-sized toy car, but manufacturer Volugrafo thought their Bimbo would get Italians moving again. They were wrong. But this car did make history for being the only cute, red-headed bimbo on Earth that couldn't get Italian men moving. 
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  • Photo: Wikimedia Commons / CC-BY
    Meet the Life Dunk. The Life name itself isn't too weird; at least Honda had the sense to name their compact kei car after a good Eddie Murphy movie, even one about prison. Honda applies the Dunk badge to turbocharged models, which somehow makes even less sense than Nissan calling their turbo cars Joypops.
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    Mazda Carol Me Lady

    Photo: Wikimedia Commons / CC-BY
    Maybe Mazda meant to call their special edition Carol hatchback "M'Lady." That would almost make sense. But this one - yeesh. Apart from winning a Tony for resembling a ballad from The Sound of Music, the Carol Me Lady goes home with additional honors for being the only car of all time whose name forms a complete sentence. Fact.  
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    Suzuki Every/Scrum Joypop Turbo

    Photo: Wikimedia Commons / CC-BY
    Compact, lightweight, mid-engine, turbocharged four-wheel-drive. Sounds like a recipe for a fantastic rally car, doesn't it? It probably would be, if the vehicle in question hadn't been the Every compact (kei) minivan. The standard model didn't come with a turbo, but for a few yen more buyers got both a blower and a Joypop badge on the fender. While the Every Joypop name is amusing, you have to wonder if Suzuki was scraping the bottom of the barrel when they later renamed this minivan the Scrum. 
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